United Scientific Supplies, Inc

United Scientific Supplies Equal Volume Cylinders Products for Science Education

Ideal for specific gravity, density, volume and calorimetry experiments.

United Scientific Supplies Glass Streak Plates Products for Science Education

Used for hardness testing of rocks and minerals.

United Scientific Supplies Flexible Acrylic Mirrors Products for Science Education

Flexible, double-sided, acrylic mirrors.

United Scientific Supplies Heat Conductometer Products for Science Education

Demonstrates differences in heat conductivity of aluminum, brass, steel, nickel, and copper.

United Scientific Supplies Human Skeleton Model Products for Science Education

Half-size model for demonstrating basic anatomical features of human skeleton

United Scientific Supplies Push Pull Scales Products for Science Education

For measuring weights, masses and forces.

United Scientific Supplies Lab Tools Kit Products for Science Education

An assortment of the most commonly used lab tools is available as one convenient set.

United Scientific Supplies Chromatography Strips Products for Science Education

Used in chromatography studies. United Scientific Supplies Chromatography Strips are 15 x 2cm in size.

United Scientific Supplies Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus Products for Science Education

For qualitative and quantitative study of electrolytic decomposition of electrolytes such as water and hydrochloric acid.

United Scientific Supplies Hand Tally Counter Products for Science Education

Bright plastic case makes this hand tally counter lightweight yet sturdy.

United Scientific Supplies Wire Gauzes with Ceramic Center Products for Science Education

Used for general heating purposes in laboratories.

United Scientific Supplies Spectrum Tubes Products for Science Education

The classic demonstration of spectral lines.

United Scientific Supplies Gel Staining Tray Products for Science Education

For staining, fixing, de-staining, and handling fragile electrophoresis gels and membranes.

United Scientific Supplies Plastic Well Slides Products for Science Education

Reusable alternative to glass slide with well.

United Scientific Supplies Wire Gauzes, Plain Products for Science Education

Used for general heating purposes in laboratories.

United Scientific Supplies Borosilicate Glass Desiccators Products for Science Education

Clear, non-vacuum desiccators manufactured from borosilicate glass to provide excellent visibility

United Scientific Supplies Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls Products for Science Education

Mixing bowls are constructed from 304 stainless steel for increased heat resistance.

United Scientific Supplies Wide Mouth Polypropylene Reagent Bottles Products for Science Education

United Scientific™ Wide Mouth Polypropylene Reagent Bottles are rigid, translucent and have fine contact clarity

United Scientific Supplies Gas Lighter Products for Science Education

Hooded lighter is safe and economical.

United Scientific Supplies Clay Pipe Triangle Products for Science Education

Mounted on heavy gauge twisted galvanized steel wire.

United Scientific Supplies Vinyl Apron Products for Science Education

Chemical-resistant vinyl fabric that stays flexible

United Scientific Supplies Separatory Funnel Holders Products for Science Education

Non-corrosive separatory funnel holder, molded in polypropylene.

United Scientific Supplies Narrow Mouth HDPE Reagent Bottles Products for Science Education

United Scientific™ Narrow Mouth HDPE Reagent Bottles are pliable, translucent and have fine contact clarity

United Scientific Supplies Large Plastic Well Slides Products for Science Education

Feature raised edges designed to be easily gripped by mechanical stage.

United Scientific Supplies Centrifuge Tube Boxes Products for Science Education

Durable alternative to foam racks.

United Scientific Supplies Secchi Disk Products for Science Education

For water clarity measurements.

United Scientific Supplies Large Dissecting Tray With Wax Products for Science Education

High quality, affordable dissecting tray with wax