Vernier Software

Vernier™ Vernier Circuit Board 2 Products for Science Education

The Vernier Circuit Board 2 is a convenient platform for circuit labs, from basic series and parallel circuits to RLC circuits. Many components are provided for experimentation, and additional components can be added to expand the capability of this useful board.

Vernier Vernier Emissions Spectrometer Products for Science Education

Portable spectrometer to measure emissions from a wide variety of light sources.

Vernier Vernier SpectroVis™ Plus Spectrophotometer Products for Science Education

Portable visible light spectrophotometer with fluorescence capabilities.

Vernier Radiation Monitor Products for Science Education

Detects alpha, beta, gamma, and X-ray radiation.

Vernier KidWind 2V/400mA Solar Panel Products for Science Education

For classroom experiments and basic applications that require more power.

Vernier™ Dynamics Cart and Track System with Motion Encoder Products for Science Education

The Dynamics Cart and Track System with Motion Encoder is a revolutionary way for physics students to study dynamics. The Motion Encoder adds an optical position sensing system to record cart motion and eliminates the need for a motion detector for cart-on-track activities.

Vernier™ Rotational Motion Accessory Kit Products for Science Education

This accessory kit is used with the Rotary Motion Sensor to study the motion of a physical pendulum; the rotational inertia of disks, rings, and point masses; and the conservation angular momentum.

Vernier™ Friction Pad Products for Science Education

After working hard to make our dynamics carts very low friction, we've now added some friction back, so that you and your students can study friction in a controlled way. Not compatible with newer plastic dynamics carts.

Vernier Vernier Square Cuvette Lid Products for Science Education

Lid is compatible with most plastic VIS-NIR cuvettes or UV-VIS cuvettes.

Vernier™ Bumper and Launcher Kit Products for Science Education

The Bumper and Launcher Kit contains accessories for experiments involving the Vernier Dual-Range Force Sensor, Vernier Wireless Dynamics System and the Vernier Dynamics System. The accessories allow you to perform a wide range of experiments in kinematics and dynamics.

Vernier Conductivity Standard Solution (High) Products for Science Education

Calibrate conductivity probe in the high range (0 to 20000μS/cm)

Vernier™ Encoder Fan Cart Products for Science Education

The Encoder Fan Cart is a large fan on a light-weight cart. It offers students the ability to perform kinematics and dynamics experiments with constant acceleration, variable mass, variable thrust, and variable thrust angle. The cart includes a Motion Encoder Transmitter for use with the Motion Encoder System.

Vernier BlueView Transilluminator Products for Science Education

Uses super bright blue LEDs to illuminate electrophoresis gels stained with SYBR Safe stain.

Vernier pH Storage Solution Products for Science Education

Used to replace spilled or contaminated solution.

Vernier™ Cart Picket Fence Products for Science Education

The Cart Picket Fence is a small plastic strip for doing photogate motion timing with dynamics carts. When the Cart Picket Fence passes through a photogate, the cart's velocity and acceleration as a function of time can be accurately measured.

Vernier Vernier Emissions Spectrometer Optical Fiber Products for Science Education

Allows for precise measurements of emissions spectrum wavelengths.

Vernier Class 2 Laser Pointer Products for Science Education

For use with Photogate (S16279ND).

Vernier Vernier Barometer Products for Science Education

Measures and monitors atmospheric pressure.

Vernier™ Dynamics Cart and Track System with Go Direct Sensor Cart and Long Track Products for Science Education

Vernier™Dynamics Cart and Track System with Go Direct™ Sensor Cart and Long Track is a completely wireless system that simplifies experiment setup and allows basic experiments to be conducted.

Vernier™ Motion Detector Clamp Products for Science Education

The Motion Detector Clamp screws into the back of the Motion Detector, and then can be clamped to a variety of objects such as table tops, ring stands, etc.

Vernier Vernier Melt Station Products for Science Education

Accurately determine melting temperature of solid substances.

Vernier Drop Counter Products for Science Education

Digital sensor used for performing accurate, automatic titrations.

Vernier Vernier Electrode Amplifier Products for Science Education

Use amplifier to collect data from almost any electrode that has a BNC connector.

Vernier™ Go Direct™ 3-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor Products for Science Education

Vernier™ Go Direct™ 3-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor allows you to determine the magnitude and direction of the magnetic field at any point in space.

Vernier™ LabQuest Battery Boost 2 Products for Science Education

The LabQuest Battery Boost 2 is a rechargeable external battery for your LabQuest or LabQuest 2 interface. With the added power of an external battery, data can be collected for extended periods in the field where AC power is not available.

Vernier Vernier EKG Electrodes Products for Science Education

Replacement package of 100 electrodes for use with EKG sensor.

Vernier™ Go Wireless®Exercise Heart Rate Products for Science Education

The Vernier Go Wireless®Exercise Heart Rate is an excellent hands-free option for continuously monitoring heart rate before, during, and after exercise or while a person is stationary. Data are wirelessly transmitted to iPad®, LabQuest 2, or Android™devices.

Vernier™ Go!Motion Products for Science Education

Go!Motion is our motion detector that connects directly to a computer or Chromebook USB port—eliminating the need for an additional data-collection interface.

Vernier™ Dual-Range Force Sensor Products for Science Education

Use the Dual-Range Force Sensor in a wide variety of experiments, including the study of friction, simple harmonic motion, impact in collisions, or centripetal force.

Vernier™ Photogate Products for Science Education

Use the Photogate to study free fall, rolling objects, collisions, and pendulums.