Walter Products

Walter Products Dicot Flower Model Products for Science Education

Allows students to easily study the floral components and reproductive functions of flowers.

Walter Products Prokaryotic Cell Model Products for Science Education

Has been magnified 20,000X.

Walter Products Spinal Cord Model Products for Science Education

This spinal cord model is 5X life-size and is sectioned both longitudinally and in cross-section to show the anterior and posterior nerve roots, ganglia and blood vessels.

Walter Products Numbered Human Skull Model Products for Science Education

Numbered to help identify the key structures of the human skull. Skull sutures, fissures, foramina, and processes are drawn and clearly defined to make the anatomy of the human skull easy to teach and learn.

Walter Products Ear Model (5 Parts) Products for Science Education

This five-part plastic model is enlarged approximately four times.

Walter Products Life-Size Brain Model (8 part) Products for Science Education

This life-size model splits into 8 parts and is sagittally sectioned; both halves can be separated into frontal with parietal lobes, temporal with occipital lobes, half of the brain stem, and half of the cerebellum.

Walter Products Human Fetal Skull Model Products for Science Education

Shows characteristics of prenatal development during 30th week of pregnancy.

Walter Products Life Size Human Skull Model Products for Science Education

This high quality life-size skull model is designed with precision to include extremely accurate representations of all sutures, fissures, joints, foramina, and processes. The skull cap and mandible can be removed for closer study.

Walter Products Hand & Wrist Skeleton Model with Ligaments Products for Science Education

This model is fully articulated with wire and slightly flexible to portray the natural movement of the hand. The anatomy of the wrist ligaments are shown in detail.

Walter Products Skull Model with Cervical Spine Products for Science Education

The skull is three parts and can be disassembled into the skull cap, skull base and mandible. The mandible is spring mounted to demonstrate natural movement and has three removable teeth.

Walter Products Life-Size Human Skeleton Model with Dust Cover Products for Science Education

Life size skeleton with exclusive dust cover.

Walter Products Urinary System Model Products for Science Education

Free standing model representing major components of urinary system.

Walter Products Half-Size Mini Skull Model Products for Science Education

Can be disassembled into three parts: skullcap, base of skull, and the mandible.

Walter Products Foot Skeleton Products for Science Education

Excellent tool to learn about the bones of the foot.

Walter Products Resistance and Ohm's Law Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

Examine electrical resistance through a conductor and demonstrate principles of Ohm's law.

Walter Products Foot & Ankle Skeleton Model with Ligaments Products for Science Education

This model is mounted on a base and comes fully articulated to show the natural movement of the feet. All ligaments of the ankle are shown in detail. A great teaching aid for anatomy classes.

Walter Products Full-Size Disarticulated Skeleton Model Products for Science Education

All 206 bones of the skeletal system represented. All bones are cast individually with anatomical detail.

Walter Products Hand Skeleton Model Products for Science Education

Fully articulated with wire.

Walter Products Dicotyledon Stem Model Products for Science Education

Modeled after a sunflower, this one year dicot stem gives anatomy in cross, radial and tangential sections. Shows epidermis, cork layer, phloem region, cambium, xylem region, pith and vital structures.

Walter Products Life Size Skeleton Model with Muscles & Ligaments Products for Science Education

This full-size skeleton is a great instructional aid for teaching anatomy. Carefully cast with natural color plastic and pelvis mounted on a metal stand with wheels.

Walter Products Half Size Human Skeletons Products for Science Education

Wired teaching skeleton for natural movement.

Walter Products Digital Water Baths Products for Science Education

Features high precision PID temperature controls.

Walter Products Half-Size Skeleton Model with Nerves & Arteries Products for Science Education

All bones are individually cast (except for the hands and feet) and wired together to show the natural movement of the skeleton. The left side of the skeleton has representations of the nerves, veins, arteries and ligaments of the human body.

Walter Products Kidney Model (With Adrenal Gland) Products for Science Education

To study internal kidney features.

Walter Products Human Skull with Blood Vessels Model Products for Science Education

Structurally and anatomically precise

Walter Products Sexless Human Torso Model Products for Science Education

Displays respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous and urinary systems, as well as musculature.