WHEATON™ DualFusion™ Vials possess the lightweight, shatter-resistant properties of plastic and the protective-barrier properties of glass. 

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Scintillation Vials

WHEATON™ Scintillation Vials are designed for compatibility with all scintillation counters that accommodate 20mL vials. Choose from a variety of vial, cap and liner materials. Vial materials include glass, HDPE and PET. Vials are available with caps attached for cleanliness or caps packaged separately.


Serum & Sample Vials

WHEATON offers a comprehensive line of sample vials and caps for storage and chemical compatibility with a wide variety of sample types. Choose from a range of sizes and Type I clear or amber glass. WHEATON Sample Vials in Lab File are packaged in partitioned trays that provide an easy way to inventory samples or store empty vials. Vials are available with screw caps or with caps sold separately.

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Duran™ glassware has proven itself through exceptional performance in both laboratory and industrial applications.


Media/Reagent Bottles

WHEATON™ Media Bottles are a mainstay in laboratories across the world. There are two types of media bottles offered: Media Bottles with a 33mm neck size (38mm for the 1L) or 45mm neck size. Both are available with or without the caps attached. In addition, there are a variety of liners for the black phenolic caps available including rubber, PTFE-faced rubber or low-density polyethylene. The 38mm neck size liter bottle features hand grips to make handling easier. All WHEATON Media Bottles with caps feature sloping shoulders to facilitate pouring and attached pour rings to eliminate dripping. 


Serum Bottles

WHEATON Serum Bottles are offered in sizes that range from 2mL to 500mL. They are made from borosilicate glass that conforms to USP Type I requirements. This glass has the highest resistance to chemical attack of any known commercially available glass. This glass is ideal for long- and short-term sample storage, lyophilization and vaccine/injectable drug containers. These bottles also have a high resistance to thermal and mechanical shock. These bottles are available with or without graduations. 


Other Glass Bottles

WHEATON offers a comprehensive line of round and square Narrow Mouth Bottles for solvent, chemical or sample storage. These bottles are made from clear or amber, Type III soda-line glass. Clear and amber bottles are available with white polypropylene screw caps with a variety of cap liners.

WHEATON offers a comprehensive line of round and square Wide Mouth Bottles that facilitate easy removal of contents. The wide mouth design is great for large solid samples, soil sampling and environmental applications. These bottles are made from clear or amber, Type III soda-line glass. Clear and amber bottles are available with white polypropylene screw caps with a variety of cap liners.

Create a safe work environment with WHEATON™ Safety Coated Bottles. If a bottle is accidentally broken, the PVC based plastisol coating on the bottle retains the contents long enough for proper disposal. The bottle's non-slip coating allows for greater ease and stability when handling wet or dry in lab or field applications.



Leak-Resistant Bottles

WHEATON Leak-Resistant Bottles are very popular for use in laboratories across the world. There are three types of resins offered: low-density polyethylene, high-density polyethylene and propylene. In addition, these bottles feature a superior double seal closure which is designed to be leak resistant. Also the no-drip pour lip ensures safe, clean pouring. The bottles are packed with polypropylene closures attached. These bottles are available in both narrow and wide mouth configurations.

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HDPE and LDPE Containers

WHEATON HDPE and LDPE Containers are available in variety of shapes and sizes to meet your specific needs. High-density polyethylene is flexible but more rigid than LDPE. These containers are milky white in color, semi-translucent depending on density. These containers have good impact strength and stress crack resistance, good chemical resistance and good vapor barrier — but poor gas barrier. 

HDPE containers can be sterilized with ethylene oxide or gamma radiation. LDPE containers are flexible and have a milky color, translucent with high-impact strength. The material is excellent for mild and strong buffers and has good chemical resistance. Containers can be sterilized with ethylene oxide or gamma radiation. They have good stress crack and impact resistance. 


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Other Plastic Containers

WHEATON Polystyrene Containers are transparent, rigid and glasslike polymer containers. These containers have good resistance to inorganic chemicals. Unfortunately, these containers have poor impact and stress crack resistance, and poor barrier properties.

WHEATON offers a large assortment of Dropping and Dispensing Bottles. WHEATON™ LDPE Dropping Bottles are available in natural or white to protect UV light sensitive products. These bottles are manufactured to strict quality control standards to ensure the best product for your application. Special sizes, colors, resins and configurations are available upon request. 


Integrated BioBanking System

The WHEATON™ 2D Integrated BioBanking System™ is a comprehensive offering of high-quality products customized to enhance the storage, tracking and management of your vital samples. Whether you require the storage of irreplaceable samples in glass cryogenic ampules or plastic cryogenic vials, bar coding options for sample traceability or color-coded storage to track specific projects or samples, WHEATON provides you with the tools that make your job easier and more efficient while having the confidence in trusting the WHEATON standard... because it's your life's work.


Color Coding Advantages for Cryogenic Samples and BioBanking Solutions

When your samples share freezer space with samples from other departments, color-coded storage options can make yours stand out — ensuring you reach for the right samples every time.

The WHEATON line of color coded vials, along with colored freezer and storage boxes, creates a storage system for critical applications. CryoELITE™ vials with colored caps allow you to color code samples within specific projects. When storing samples in a freezer or dewar, color coding allows for fast visual sample identification, minimizing the time the freezer door is open and reducing temperature fluctuations. 


Product Benefits:

  • Colored caps allow for color coding projects along with WHEATON colored freezer and storage boxes
  • Unrivaled cap seal exceeds DOT and IATA regulations, ensuring ultimate protection of samples during transportation and demanding freeze-thaw handling
  • Optional 2D Data Matrix Bar Code Insert provides unique identifier for traceability
  • Bottom format allows unrestricted view of 2D bar code for convenient automated scanning
  • Made from low binding, cryogenic grade virgin polypropylene
  • Lot certified RNase/DNase and endotoxin free, providing assurance of product integrity
  • Loctagon™ Vial Skirt provides stability in freestanding position and locks into CryoELITE Benchmate Rack (Cat. No. 03-341-18S) in order to provide easy open and close with one hand
Cell Culture

WHEATON™ is committed to providing high-quality, innovative cell culture products to research laboratories worldwide. From sample preparation to storage and adherent cell culture to suspension culture, WHEATON understands the life sciences and their importance to all of us. WHEATON has the right products to make your job easier and to make your results more successful. WHEATON has both advanced, new products like the CELLine™ Bioreactor Flasks and the newly redesigned R2P 2.0, as well as tried and true WHEATON Cell Culture™ products including tissue grinders and staining ware.


CELLine™ Bioreactor Flasks

In an effort to push science forward, WHEATON has recently introduced a new line of membrane driven flasks for high-density cell culture. The flasks are designed to enhance small scale bio-production for antibody and protein generation. Conventional in vivo or in vitro cell culture methods can be laborious, may have low cell density and require significant purification. CELLine™ flasks address these three areas of limitation observed in static tissue culture flasks. CELLine Flasks are ideal for use with hybridoma, insect, CHO, NSO, HEK and BHK cell lines.

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Tissue Grinders

The WHEATON Tissue Grinders are a mainstay in cell culture labs across the world. Each tissue grinder is manufactured to exacting specifications to ensure primary cells can be extracted from excised tissue samples. All WHEATON Tissue Grinders are manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass that conforms to USP Type I and ASTM Type I, Class A requirements. Replacement parts can be purchased separately.


Staining Ware

WHEATON offers a variety of staining dishes and Coplin jars for histology staining. WHEATON staining dishes, covers and dishes are manufactured from soda-lime glass that resists staining from eosin and hematoxylin. Staining dishes are available in many configurations; the most popular are listed on the right. Coplin jars are used for pre-staining with an alcohol buffer. 


Roller Apparatus for Adherent Cell Culture

WHEATON specializes in benchtop, pilot and production scale roller apparati for the research, vaccine and biologics industries. Both standard and custom manufactured systems are available.

The robust WHEATON Standard Roller Apparatus™ is a new basic roller apparatus. It features a digital LCD display for easy operation, alarms and smooth ramping digitally controlled rotation accurate to 0.1 RPM. In addition, multiple decking and capacity configurations are available for process flexibility.

The state-of-the art R2P2.0 Roller Apparatus WHEATON has an advanced touch screen interface that is easy to view from a distance. The digitally controlled maintenance free motor is accurate to 0.01 RPM. The apparatus is capable of remote interface and has advanced communication options. Retrofit kits are available to update older WHEATON systems or unsupported systems.

Multiple decking and capacity configurations are available for process flexibility with both units. 

Liquid Handling

Pipettes & Dispensers

WHEATON™ has offered high-quality pipettes, dispensers and pumps for the past 35 years. These instruments are constantly evolving to provide precision metrology tools to the research and quality control laboratories. 


Peristaltic Pumps

The WHEATON OmniSpense™ ELITE and UniSpense™ PRO are intelligent peristaltic pumps for all your dispensing needs. Whether making sterile liquid transfers to and from containers or filling vials or titer plates, these pumps will simplify and accelerate your laboratory throughput.

The systems are operated via a large 5 inches backlit liquid crystal display and chemical resistant keypad. Options are displayed as large icons for quick operation and easy recognition in national and international markets. The pumps also feature a small footprint and an angled polarized display perfect for use under a fume hood or biological safety cabinet. 


AntiBIND Deep-Well Microplates 

WHEATON™ AntiBIND™ Microplates use new Advanced Plasma Treatment (APT) technology that modifies the polypropylene surface at the molecular level to produce a comprehensive hydrophilic surface that eliminates nonspecific protein binding. The technology provides a comprehensive treatment without using any interfering leachables or additives that would migrate into the solution during chromatography applications or long-term storage. This results in increased protein recovery at low concentrations and more accurate and repeatable results. AntiBIND Well Plates are suitable for chromatography applications, long-term sample storage, LC/MS sample preparation and bioanalytical assays.

  • Meets the SBS and ANSI dimensions for automation
  • Proudly manufactured in the United States with the highest-purity polypropylene resin
  • Conical-shaped bottom provides maximum sample recovery and efficient mixing
  • DNase/RNase free
  • Raw material tested via GC for chromatography use
  • Available in 96- and 384-well formats




Admiration for people who devote their lives to science is what drives WHEATON to design and deliver today’s most innovative solutions for laboratory research. That same admiration supports the best customer service experience and most dependable products in the industry. And WHEATON stands behind those who help move the world forward one discovery and one sample at a time, creating value for customers by staying true to the company’s legacy, expanding its selection of innovative products, instruments and services, and continuing to meet your changing needs.