Yellow Springs Instrument (YSI)

YSI™ MultiLab Line Benchtop IDS Conductivity Sensors

Sensors maintain their calibration data and prevent recalibration

YSI™ Zobell ORP Calibration Solution

For calibrating ORP/Redox on several YSI instruments

YSI™ ProPlus BOD Lab Kit

EPA approved for drinking water and wastewater compliance reporting.

YSI™ Benchtop Models 5000 Dissolved Oxygen Meters

Full-featured, microprocessor-controlled meters for state-of-the-art performance.

YSI™ ProPlus Polarographic DO/pH/ORP/Conductivity Quatro Kit w/4m Cable

Includes everything from lab to field along with polarographic DO, pH/ORP and conductivity sensors.

YSI™ Model 58 Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Wide range, exceptional accuracy

YSI™ Benchtop Models 5100 Dissolved Oxygen Meters

Full-featured, microprocessor-controlled meters for state-of-the-art performance.

YSI™ Self-stirring BOD Probes for Models 5000 and 5100

Plug-in probes for more convenient functioning.

YSI™ ODO Sensor Cap for ProODO Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Sensor cap for use with YSI ProODO Handheld Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter (Cat. No. 14-660-204).

YSI™ ProOBOD Self-Stirring Optical BOD Probe

Use in the lab with the ProODO™

YSI™ 3220 Temperature Probe for 3200 Conductivity Instruments

Use with conductivity cells that lack a built-in temperature sensor on YSI 3200 Conductivity instruments

YSI™ Dip-Type Plastic Conductivity Cells

YSI dip-type ABS-plastic conductivity cell for use with YSI conductivity meters (sold separately).

YSI™ Pro2030 Field Dissolved Oxygen/Conductivity Meter

Measure DO, salinity, conductivity, specific conductance, TDS, barometric pressure and temperature

YSI™ TruLab™ pH/ISE 1320 Dual Channel Laboratory ISE Benchtop Meter

Easy-to-use meter for dual measurement of pH, mV (ORP) or ISE and temperature

YSI™ 626250 ProODO Cable and Probe

Stores calibration data within the sensor, allowing probes to be placed on any ProODO instrument without re-calibration

YSI™ Probe Service Kits for YSI Dissolved Oxygen Probes

For replenishing oxygen sensor on YSI Dissolved Oxygen Probes

YSI™ Model 5739 Field Oxygen/Temperature Probe

Can be calibrated easily and quickly