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Quidel™ molecular programs extend the continuum of diagnostic choices, from rapid immunoassays to confirmatory nucleic acid testing, with platforms built for experts looking for consistent, high-quality results.



The Quidel™ Solana™ molecular testing platform is making molecular diagnostics faster and easier than ever before without sacrificing performance. Solana combines Quidel’s proprietary helicase-dependent amplification with fluorescence detection to deliver results you can trust in an actionable timeframe.



Using a small, hand-held cartridge that requires no equipment beyond a thermal block with a heated lid, Quidel™ AmpliVue™ Assays eliminate the barrier of a large capital investment for molecular testing. They are also considered moderately complex by CLIA, allowing for simple training and freeing up staff to work on high-complexity assays.

HDA Technology

Helicase dependent amplification (HDA) is an isothermal DNA amplification method that is similar to conventional PCR, but it utilizes the action of a thermostable helicase enzyme rather than heat to separate the nucleic acids and enables labeled primers to anneal to the DNA template and elongate under the action of the polymerase. This allows DNA replication to occur at a single, uniform temperature (64°C) with a simple heat block rather than a series of varying time and temperature conditions utilized by expensive, real-time thermocyclers.

The process supplies accurate molecular test results that you can see without the need for specialized equipment or complex software for data interpretation.


Featured Products

Sofia 2 Analyzer


The Quidel™ Sofia™ 2 Analyzer accurately detects influenza A and B from nasal swabs, nasopharyngeal swabs and NPA/wash samples. Its CLIA-waived procedure can produce dual-test results from a single sample. The instrument features an easy-to-use interface with customizable settings, barcode technology and LIS connectivity.

Sofia Benchtop Analyzer


The Quidel™ Sofia™ benchtop analyzer takes rapid testing to a whole new level by integrating proven lateral-flow technology, proprietary advanced fluorescence chemistry and assay development techniques that can be used in patient and laboratory settings.


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The Quidel™ Virena™ Wireless Instrument Data Management and Surveillance Solution is an economical, wireless instrument management service for capturing and viewing de-identified test results and instrument usage data. This cloud-based solution allows you to compile, analyze, and generate reports of de-identified test results from across your healthcare system automatically.

Optimize resources by trending and mapping near-real-time disease incidents at the system, state, or national level. This gives you time to adjust valuable resources, describe patterns of risk, and take immediate and preventable action.

The Value of a Virena Wireless Data Management

  • Offers the POC coordinator the ability to remotely manage instrument usage data, support operator training initiatives, and monitor QC compliance
  • Provides a service to your patients and providers by communicating disease progression within your community
  • Supports a unique partnership between private and public health by sharing de-identified data with local, state, or national public health surveillance programs, improving community healthcare awareness and infectious disease prevention
  • Treatment decisions are reinforced by an up-to-date calculation of percent positives, a powerful disease prevalence indicator across one location or all of your connected facilities

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Featured Products

Quidel has manufactured the Quidel™ QuickVue™ line of products for hospital and physician office labs for more than 30 years. QuickVue rapid lateral flow tests produce accurate results in minutes, allowing for faster diagnosis and treatment.

QuickVue products have continued to deliver quality results with a variety of formats well suited for both POC and laboratory needs.


QuickVue iFOB Test

The CLIA-waived QuickVue iFOB test is an easy-to-perform diagnostic tool that is used to detect the presence of blood in stool specimens. The QuickVue iFOB test requires only one specimen, and because it is specific to human hemoglobin, patients are not required to adhere to strict dietary or medication restrictions. The result is a more patient-friendly test that is easier to complete.

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