Simplified Automated Cell Imaging

EVOS™ FL Auto Imaging System

  • Dual camera features monochrome and color
  • 22-inch, high-resolution touch-screen monitor
  • Integrated wizard-based software
  • Motorized X and Y scanning stage
  • Automated autofocus, filter cubes, objective turret and condenser
Bright-field Imaging

All-in-One System for Quick Cell Analysis

EVOS™ XL Core Imaging System

  • Color camera
  • 12-inch, high-resolution LCD display
  • Attachable mechanical stage
  • Great price

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Precision Combined with Unique Functionality

EVOS™ XL Imaging System

  • Color camera
  • 15-inch, high-resolution LCD display
  • High-precision drift stage
  • Advanced software tools

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Fluorescence Imaging

Powerful Yet Easy to Use

EVOS™ FL Imaging System

  • Choice of color or monochrome camera
  • 15-inch, high-resolution LCD display
  • Integrated computer
  • High-precision drift stage

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As Easy as Click and Print

FLoid™ Cell Imaging Station

Quickly detect and verify fluorescently-labeled samples with this affordable and user-friendly imaging solution. 

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Live Cell Imaging

The Perfect Environment for Live Cell Imaging

EVOS™ FL Auto Onstage Incubator 

Achieve precise control of temperature, humidity and three-gas live-cell imaging under both physiological and non-physiological conditions.

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Find out more about the technology behind EVOS™ Imaging Systems. Enhanced light path and continuous light intensity make EVOS Imaging Systems simple to own and operate.


Light Path

By placing the light-emitting diode (LED) light cube as close as possible to the objective turret, the number of optical elements in the light path is minimized. High intensity over a short light path equals maximally efficient fluorophore excitation.

Q: What does continuous light intensity mean for me?

A: 50,000 hours or 100% power for 8 hours a day, 365 days a year, for 17 years. This means you would need to change a mercury lamp 170 times versus zero times for an EVOS light cube.


Why LED?

The heart of EVOS™ fluorescence technology is the patented LED light cube (U.S. Patent 7,502,164). Each cube contains an LED, collimating optics and filters. Light cubes are user interchangeable, auto-configured by the system and plug-and-play.

Continuous Light Intensity

Mercury arc lamps can decrease in intensity by 50% in the first 100 hours of operation and images acquired in different sessions cannot be quantitatively compared using Hg illumination without complicated calibrations, but EVOS systems have continuous light cube intensity!


Fluorescence System Benefits

  • Patented LED light cube technology with a 50,000+ hour lifetime
  • Instant on/off — no shutters, no waiting and no headaches
  • Control over LED light cube illumination intensity to minimize photobleaching

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