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Talboys Mini Block Heaters & Mini Block Heaters with Heated Lid

Talboys Mini Block Heaters are ideal for a variety of applications that require accurate and repeatable results such as LAMP assays, immunoassays, enzyme reactions and denaturations.  Block Heaters accept one interchangeable mini block for 0.2 mL, 0.5mL, 1.5 mL, 2.0mL, 15mL or 50 mL tubes. Units include a clear polycarbonate lid to help prevent evaporation and maintain temperature uniformity. The heated lid model includes a second heater in the lid to help prevent condensation.

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Basic, Standard, Advanced & Pulsing Vortex Mixers

Vortex Mixers have two modes of operation; continuous mode when using accessory attachments or touch mode which activates mixing when depressing the cup head.  Basic, Fixed-Speed Vortex Mixers are one-touch units that start mixing when the cup head is pressed down.  Standard Analog Vortex Mixer control allows low rpm startup for gentle shaking or high-speed mixing for vigorous vortexing of samples. Advanced Digital Vortex Mixers are ideal for applications that demand repeatable results. Microprocessor control maintains set speed for strong, consistent mixing action. Pulsing Vortex Mixers’ unique pulsing action reduces heat generation while providing more effective mixing and disruption.

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Hotplates, Stirrers & Hotplate Stirrers

Basic Mini Hotplate-Stirrers are rugged, compact units that heat and stir up to 1000mL of liquid. Durable, cast aluminum top plate will not crack or chip, and provides an even heating surface. Bi-metallic thermostat offers reliable temperature control. Heating units boil 300mL of water in just 16 minutes. Powerful motor and magnet deliver reliable and consistent stirring.

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Talboys Mini Block Heater S14164

Experiment:  Grow Jellyfish DNA

Ideal for high school and college level

Become a real-life genetic engineer. This procedure allows students to grow jellyfish bacteria.

Utilizes Talboys Mini Block Heater Catalog No. S14164

 Talboys Standard Analog Vortex Mixer S14177

Experiment:  Finding Antibiotics in Soil

Ideal for High School & College

In this experiment students will try to isolate an antibiotic producing bacterium from soil. They will then test the bacterium to determine what organisms might be inhibited by the antibiotic that it makes.

Utilizes Talboys Standard Analog Vortex Mixer Catalog No. S14177


Experiment:  Demonstrating the Properties of Lava

Ideal for grades 5 through 12

Use chocolate and marshmallows to demonstrate the properties of lava. Students will learn that this process is similar to what happens when a volcano becomes active: the solid earth is exposed to extreme heat and changes from solids into liquids. As it cools the liquid (molten lava) transforms into solid rock.

Utilizes Talboys Basic Mini Hotplate Catalog No. S14172


Experiment:  Can Crush

Ideal for grades 9 through 12

This experiment demonstrates strength of air pressure in the earth’s atmosphere.

Utilizes Talboy Basic Mini Hotplate Catalog No. S14172

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