Fisherbrand™ Dissecting Board Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

No swelling, warping or cracking when you use Fisherbrand™ Richard-Allan Scientific™ Dissecting Boards.

Fisherbrand™ Microbead Sterilizer

Ideal for sterilizing small research tools including forceps, scissors, scalpels, etc. Eliminates the danger of open flames by heating included glass beads to 300°C, eliminating bacteria, spores and other microorganisms.

Fisherbrand™ Reusable Class A Volumetric Pipets Edge Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Available in either standard or serialized models.

Fisherbrand™ Sterile Polystyrene Disposable Serological Pipets with Magnifier Stripe Edge Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Pipets have improved optical clarity — high-contrast black markings make volumes easier to read

Fisherbrand™ Disposable Frocks

Polypropylene and polyethylene frocks with knee-length coverage.

Fisherbrand™ Colored Screw Caps

For use with nonsterile skirted- and conical-bottom tubes.

Fisherbrand™ Low-Retention Pipette Tips, Nonfilter Edge

Increase accuracy by reducing sample retention

Fisherbrand™ Steel Tall Cabinets

Fisherbrand™ Steel Tall Cabinets are free standing 2 door cabinets and come with locks.

Fisherbrand™ 2-Shelf Wire Utility Cart, Stainless Steel

Carts consist of wire shelves with plastic split sleeves, two one-piece handles, donut bumpers and casters.

Fisherbrand™ Standard Leather Palm Gloves

Ideal for use in dirty applications

Fisherbrand™ Adhesive Entryway Mats Edge

General sticky mats are ideal to use in cleanrooms of electronic industry, pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, laboratories and food industries for maintaining critical clean environment

Fisherbrand™ Serialized/Certified Measuring (Mohr) Pipets Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Reusable, Class A pipets with a permanently marked serial number.

Fisherbrand™ Drosophila Bottles Edge

Wide base/narrow top design prevents fly meal from falling out when bottle is turned upside down

Fisherbrand™ accumet™ AB150 pH Benchtop Meters

Provide intuitive, simple operation and high accuracy measurements in a compact, affordable meter. Fisherbrand accumet AB150 pH benchtop meters have large backlit display which offers great visibility in laboratory environments. The accumet AB150 pH meter is an industry favorite for when reliability and consistency in measurements matter.

Fisherbrand™ Wood Tall Cabinet, 36 in. Wide

Fisherbrand™ Wood Tall Cabinets bring quality, warmth and durability to your laboratory.

Fisherbrand™ Vinyl Stool without Back - Desk Height with Casters in Grade B Vinyl Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Fisherbrand™ Grade B vinyl Stools are height adjustable for 31 in. work surfaces and feature 360-degree control and self-braking casters. Antibacterial/antifungal Grade B vinyl in a variety of colors will suit any work space.

Fisherbrand™ 4-Shelf Mobile Wire Shelving Unit

Open-wire design minimizes dust accumulation, allows a free circulation of air, and greater visibility of stored items.

Fisherbrand™ Sharps-A-Gator™ Sharps Containers Edge

Puncture-resistant with wide rectangular opening for horizontal loading of needles

Fisherbrand™ Traceable™ Sound Level Meter

Meter receives sound through a 1/2 in. condenser microphone.

Fisherbrand™ Razor Blades Edge

Fisherbrand Razor Blades are single-edged carbon steel blades.

Fisherbrand™ Latex-Free Cohesive Flexible Bandages Edge

Free of natural rubber proteins and allergens.

Fisherbrand™ Micro Slide Storage Cabinets, Dark Beige Edge

Each drawer divided lengthwise into two compartments for maximum space utilization

Fisherbrand™ Superfrost™ Plus Microscope Slides Edge Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

An ideal choice for frozen sections, cytocentrifuge preparations, and standard Papanicolaou smears

Fisherbrand™ Reusable Polyethylene Dippers

500mL beakers with long handles for removing samples from large tanks.

Fisherbrand™ Basic Protection Disposable Pleated Bouffant Caps

Bouffant's elastic headband is encapsulated in soft poly thread for great comfort and basic protection

Fisherbrand™ Bottle Top Dispenser with Re-Circulation Valve

Provides a contemporary design coupled with a recirculation valve. Bottle Top Dispenser with Re-Circulation Valve has enhanced chemical compatibility and smooth piston movement.