Worldwide Protection

Worldwide™ Protective Products M2CP30-NW2 Heat Resistant Gloves with Nitrile Coating

Withstand conductive heat up to 300°F; intermittent. A Nitrile coating is applied to both sides of these gloves to deliver a sure grip on the object.

Worldwide™ Protective Products ATA™ MATAKV/BKPL30 Aramid Blend Cut and Heat Resistant Gloves

Deliver ANSI A5 cut protection plus the added benefit of being heat resistant to 500°F. Aramid fiber lends inherent strength and flame resistance to the ATA™ fiber blend

Worldwide™ Protective Products ATA™ M2KVBK-4-L Cut and Heat Resistant Gloves

Ideal for handling hot glassware and lab apparatus, endure conductive heat up to 608°F; intermittent

Worldwide™ Protective Products ATA™ ULTRA Light Weight Cut Resistant Hi-Vis Gloves (MATA-ULTRAHVO13A-PD1)

Get high dexterity and ANSI A4 cut resistance. High vis orange gloves have PVC Dots on 1 side.

Worldwide™ Protective Products ATA™ M530 Cut Resistant, High Dexterity Gloves

ANSI A4 cut protection makes these gloves a smart choice for picking up broken glass, dissecting samples, and working with task-based knives and scalpels. These thin, form-fitting gloves provide the dexterity you need to precisely handle instruments and equipment.

Worldwide™ Protective Products ATA™ Cut Resistant Sleeve 1-ply Design

Cut Resistant Sleeve delivers ANSI A4 cut protection in a remarkably thin, 1-ply design. With stretch and fabric memory, it fits just about any size arm, and can be worn over clothing or against the skin.

Worldwide™ Protective Products ATA™ 505 Cut Resistant Gloves with Nitrile Hybrid Grip Coating

Known for great fit, flexibility and dexterity, Worldwide Protective Products ATA™ 505 gloves also deliver remarkable ANSI A4 cut protection. The thin, black Nitrile hybrid dip provides excellent grip and ANSI Level 3 abrasion resistance.

Worldwide™ Protective Products ATA™ Cut Resistant Sleeve 2-ply Design

Sta-Cool™ inner layer wicks moisture away from the arm, keeping the wearer dry, cool and comfortable. Keep the wrist protected.

Worldwide™ Protective Products ATA™ ActivGrip 534 Cut Resistant Gloves with Nitrile MicroFinish™

Get A4 cut protection and great grip, even on slick surfaces. Increases dexterity, reduces hand fatigue, and delivers powerful ANSI A4 cut protection. The Nitrile MicroFinish™ coating improves grip on dry, wet and oily surfaces.

Worldwide™ Protective Products ATA™ Technology PIONIR-ATA13 Heat-Producing Cut Resistant Gloves

Warm up as much as 18°F; without batteries or heat packs by converting the Sun’s near infrared rays into heat. Ideal for working outdoors.

Worldwide™ Protective Products M13PXY-LB Light Weight Low-Lint Gloves

Protect samples or equipment being handled from lint and other contaminants. High dexterity and fingertip sensitivity allow for precise lab work. Light weight to wear as Glove Liners under Nitrile or Latex Gloves.