Isolation and Sequencing

Cytiva™ biochemistry and molecular biology products are designed for DNA amplification, nucleic acid, and protein preparation applications. They also meet requirements for DNA analysis support in molecular diagnostics, immunodiagnostics, next-generation sequencing, and Sanger sequencing.

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Convenient magnetic bead-based reagents and kits for extracting and purifying genomic DNA, other DNA types, or RNA from cells, tissues, and blood.

Sera-Xtracta™ High-Molecular-Weight (HMW) DNA Kit

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PCR, Amplification, and Cleanup

Kits and reagents for PCR and whole genome amplification, including single cell kits. Kits for gel band purification and magnetic bead-based and enzymatic reagents for PCR cleanup.

GenomiPhi™ Single Cell DNA Amplification Kit

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Gravity flow columns, spin columns, and magnetic bead-based reagents for desalting and purifying nucleic acid samples.

Sera-Mag™ Select Size Selection and PCR Cleanup Reagent

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Nucleic Acid Blotting and Detection

DNA labeling kits, detection reagents, and nucleic acid stains.

Amersham™ AlkPhos Direct Labeling Modules

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Kits using isothermal rolling circle amplification to efficiently prepare sequencing templates from circular DNA.

TempliPhi™ Amplification Kit

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Cell Culture

Cytiva™ HyClone™ serum, media buffers, and process liquids have helped advance drug discovery and bioproduction processes since 1967 and continue to deliver quality and consistency today.

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Cell Culture Serum Products

Fetal bovine serum and other natural sera, engineered sera, and serum alternatives are sterile-filtered and quality-tested to help ensure dependable and reproducible cell growth.

HyClone™ Characterized Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS), U.S. Origin

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Classical Cell Culture Media

Cell culture media include inorganic salts, amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, and other nutrients capable of sustaining cell growth. HyClone™ media provide consistent cell culture performance in basic research and biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

HyClone™ Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle Medium (DMEM), Liquid Media

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Specialty Waters, Buffers, and Salt Solutions

Waters used in cleaning or rinsing, medium and buffer preparation, and reconstitution of product. Buffers to maintain pH for cell or product integrity. Balanced salts to maintain salt concentration for cell or product integrity.

HyClone™ WFI Quality Water

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Reagents and Cell Dissociation Products

Common cell culture reagents, including HyrTryp™ and porcine trypsin cell dissociation reagents for cell detachment. A variety of premium antibiotics and selection agents to control bacterial, yeast, fungi, and mycoplasma contaminations.

HyClone™ HyrTryp™ Cell Dissociation Reagent

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Sample Prep

Sample preparation may include centrifugation, filtration, precipitation, or desalting and buffer exchange. The Cytiva™ Whatman™ product line includes a variety of filter sizes, types, and specifications to suit your applications, equipment, and workflows. Depend on Whatman quality, consistency, reliability, and convenience to help your lab run smoothly.

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Cellulose Filter Papers

Whatman™ cellulose filters are manufactured from high-quality cotton linters which have been treated to achieve a minimum alpha cellulose content of 98%.

Whatman™ Quantitative Filter Papers, Ashless, Grade 40

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Glass and Quartz Microfiber Filters

Combine fast flow rates with high loading capacity and retention of particles down to the sub-micron range. Use glass microfiber filters at temperatures up to 550°C and quartz microfiber filters at temperatures up to 900°C.

Whatman™ Grade GF/A Glass Microfiber Filters

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Membrane Filters

Accurately controlled pore size distribution, strength, and flexibility for reproducibility and consistency. Available in a range of pore sizes and formats, including sterile, autoclavable packs, and colored and gridded membranes for specialized applications.

Whatman™ Sterile Mixed Cellulose Ester Membranes

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Syringe Filters

Whatman™ disposable filtration devices are suitable for many types of samples and applications. Available in a variety of membrane choices and polypropylene or polycarbonate housings.

Whatman™ Puradisc™ H-PTFE Syringe Filters

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Capsule Filters

For research and pilot manufacturing or filtering large volumes or hard-to-filter samples, Whatman™ capsules are made with tightly controlled pore size specifications and pleated to help maximize surface area.

Whatman™ Polycap TF Capsule Filters

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Choose from the Cytiva™ portfolio to support your purification needs. Including Sephadex™, the resin that revolutionized protein purification and the newest magnetic bead-based technology, you'll find products to support your affinity purification, gel filtration, desalting, ion exchange, and hydrophobic interaction procedures.

  • Loose media up to 500 g
  • Cytiva™ HiTrap™, SpinTrap™, GraviTrap™, and Tricorn™ chromatography columns
  • Pre-packed columns for convenience and efficiency

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HiTrap™ MabSelect™ PrismA Columns

Protein A resin providing enhanced alkaline stability and binding capacity for monoclonal antibody purification.

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Size Exclusion

Superdex™ 200 Increase 5/150 GL Prepacked Tricorn™ Columns

Dextran-agarose composite matrix well suited for high-resolution analysis and small-scale purification of monoclonal antibodies and other biomolecules with Mr~ 10 000 to ~ 600 000.

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Desalting and Buffer Exchange

HiTrap™ Desalting Prepacked Columns

Ready-to-use columns prepacked with Sephadex™ G-25 Superfine resin for fast and convenient desalting and buffer exchange.

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Ion Exchange

HiTrap™ Capto™ IEX Selection Kit

Designed for screening the optimal Capto™ ion exchange or Cytiva™ multimodal chromatography resin prior to scale-up.

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Hydrophobic Interaction

HiTrap™ Capto™ HIC Selection Kit

Ready-to-use HiTrap™ columns for resin screening and small-scale protein purification.

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Protein A HP SpinTrap™ Columns

For simple, small-scale monoclonal and polyclonal antibody purification, immunoprecipitation, or enrichment of specific proteins in prepacked, single-use spin columns.

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Capto™ adhere ImpRes Multimodal Chromatography Columns

Strong anion exchange resin supports effective monoclonal antibody polishing in the second or third step of a purification scheme downstream of the protein A capture step.

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Cytiva™ Amersham™ products help you analyze proteins using electrophoresis, blotting, and imaging techniques.


ECL Detection Reagents

Cytiva™ Amersham™ ECL™ Start is a chemiluminescent kit designed for routine Western blotting applications. Combined with Cytiva™ Amersham™ ECL™ Select, the most sensitive formulation Cytiva™ offers for qualitative and quantitative analysis, you’ll have a solution optimized for your research needs.

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Amersham Hybond and Protran Membrane

Cytiva™ offers an extensive range of blotting membranes made of nitrocellulose, PVDF, or nylon with pore sizes from 0.1 to 0.45 µm to suit your applications. These are the Cytiva™ Hybond™, BA83, and BA85 membranes you’ve known for years, now available in longer roll lengths.

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Amersham Hyperfilm

Cytiva™ Amersham™ Hyperfilm™ ECL™ low-background films are suitable for use with all blue and green light chemiluminescent systems and validated for use with Cytiva™ Amersham™ ECL™, Cytiva™ Amersham™ ECL™ Advance™, and Cytiva™ CDP-Star™ reagents

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