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What is it?

The BacterioScan™ 216Dx™ System for UTI detection is now FDA-cleared for detecting urinary tract infections (UTIs). The award-winning 216Dx precisely measures UTI-associated bacterial growth directly from urine specimens, transforming the way UTIs are diagnosed. The screening process takes just three hours (instead of the usual 18 to 24 hours) and eliminates the need to further test samples that do not show growth.

The BacterioScan 216Dx System is now cleared for use by the FDA.

How does it work?

The BacterioScan 216Dx System is easy to use with simple specimen prep and a walk-away operation. Specimens are loaded into disposable multicuvettes and then placed into the compact, stackable benchtop instrument.

During the three-hour test period, changes in bacterial concentration are measured. Results for specimens that show no bacterial growth can be reported as negative, and only samples with positive growth undergo further testing.

Clinical, Operational, and Financial Benefits

With easy operation and a short runtime, the BacterioScan 216Dx can improve your lab’s efficiency and help detect UTIs more quickly — allowing you to provide better patient care.

  • Fast, accurate results with three-hour turnaround times 
  • No need to culture negative specimens
  • Improved infection control practices
  • May help expedite bacterial identification (ID) and susceptibility testing (AST) results
  • Less time and effort needed for plating specimens

Learn More:

ASM Journal of Clinical Microbiology BacterioScan 216Dx White Paper (PDF, 448 KB)

BacterioScan 216Dx UTI Detection System Brochure (PDF, 2.5 MB)

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