Biocartis Idylla

Simple, Powerful Molecular Oncology Testing


EXCLUSIVE: Biocartis Idylla

Streamlined Testing

The fully automated, PCR-based Biocartis™ Idylla™ System offers fast and easy access to molecular biomarker information, anywhere and anytime.


Faster Results

Only two minutes of hands-on time. Less than 150 minutes of test time. No need to send the sample to another lab or make your patients wait days for results — just insert your sample and walk away.


Less Sample

Detect up to 30 molecular targets from just one slice of biopsy tissue or a sample size of just 1mL for plasma-based assays.


Simple Workflow

The Idylla system takes you from start to finish with only a handful of steps.


1. Scan the sample cartridge


2. Load the sample


3. Run the assay


4. Read your results



Hassle-Free Operation

Any lab technician can use the Idylla system, and the compact design and scalable setup make it the right choice for any lab.


Modular Design

A single console can be used with up to eight separately operating instruments, which makes the Idylla System scalable to meet your lab's changing workload.


All-in-One Cartridges

Each sample is tested using a simple, disposable, liquid-tight cartridge that greatly reduces the risk of contamination and includes everything needed to prepare and analyze your specimen.







The Proof Is in the Results

A recent AstraZeneca study* ranked the Idylla System among the best in molecular testing.


#1 in ease-of-use


#1 in hands-on time


#2 in overall sensitivity

*Sherwood JL et al. (2017) ESMO Open 2:e000235.

Multiple Assays

The Idylla System offers a comprehensive menu of assays for various cancer types including melanoma, colorectal cancer, and lung cancer — all available for solid and liquid samples.

Tissue Assays

  • MSI
  • EGFR
  • KRAS
  • BRAF

Plasma Assays

  • ctKRAS
  • ctBRAF
For Research Use Only

With fast, easy operation and patient data available when it matters most, the Idylla System will revolutionize the way you work.

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