Seismic Bracing Devices and Acessories

Ready America™ Flat Screen TV Strap

Secures flat screen TVs, plasma and LCD TVs as well as large flat screen monitors

Ready America™ Fastener Kits for Countertop Equipment

Used for countertop and desktop equipment

Ready America™ Safety Straps for Filing Cabinets

Ideal for file cabinets, storage cabinets, bookshelves and other similar cabinets not adjacent to a wall

Ready America™ Gel Pad Fastener Kit

Used for flat-bottomed equipment weighing less than 25 lb.

Ready America™ Small Refrigerator/Freezer StrutSTRAP with Side-Release Buckle

Secures kitchen-size refridgerators, freezers and similar size items to existing 1.62 in. (4.1cm) strut on wall or stud.

Ready America™ Wall-Mount Safety Straps for Large Equipment

Secures kitchen-size freezers, refrigerators, incubators, centrifuges and similar type items

Ready America™ Floor-Mounting High Z-Bracket for Equipment with Adjustable Legs

Secures equipment with adjustable legs in the event of an earthquake

Ready America™ LassoSTRAP Fastener Kits for Microscopes

Secure countertop and desktop equipment during an earthquake

Ready America™ Wall Straps for Carts

Cart-to-wall straps secure carts, metro racks and tubular furniture

Ready America™ Floor-Mounting Safety Fasteners for Large Equipment

Ideal for multi-door refrigerators, freezers, shakers, incubators and other large floor equipment

Ready America™ Fire Extinguisher Strap

For 5 in. (12.7cm) diameter fire extinguishers