PCR Enclosures

Fisher Scientific™ PCR Workstation

Fisher Scientific PCR Workstation provides ISO Class 5 conditions appropriate for PCR experiments.

Labconco™ Purifier™ Filtered PCR Enclosure

Labconco Purifier™ Filtered PCR Enclosure protects work from particulate contamination.

Labconco™ Purifier™ Nonventilated PCR and Tissue Culture Enclosures

Designed to reduce cross-contamination during PCR procedures and culture manipulations

UVP UV/Air PCR Circulator Module

Eliminates airborne microbes without exposing samples

UVP UV PCR Workstation

Offers dual attack against PCR contanimination through UV radiation and antimicrobial metal surfaces

Mystaire™ MY Model PCR CleanPrep Dead Air Box Enclosure

Help protect against contamination in sensitive PCR amplification reactions by choosing the MY Model PCR CLeanPrep.

PCR Workstations — Dead Air Boxes Products for Science Education

Protect against contamination in sensitive PCR amplification reactions.

Mystaire™ MY Model PCR Prep Station Class 100 Enclosure

Compact laminar flow enclosures of the MY Model PCR Prep Station reduce the risk of sample contamination while performing PCR

Mystaire™ Class 100 Laminar Airflow PCR Prep Station Products for Science Education

Compact benchtop PCR Prep stations with timed UV decontamination for reduced risk of airborne contamination.

AirClean™ Systems Combination PCR Workstation

The Airclean Combination PCR Workstation combines ISO 5 (FS209E) Class 100 clean air environment with UV light sterilization for optimal protection from sample contamination.