Fisherbrand™ Graduated HDPE Rectangular Bottles Products for Science Education

Save valuable shelf space — while providing greater materials storage. Fisherbrand™ Graduated HDPE Rectangular Bottles are available in different capacities.

3B Scientific™ Rubber Stopper Sets Products for Science Education

Available with no hole, one hole and two holes.

3B Scientific™ Equilateral Glass Prism Products for Science Education

High-quality glass for use in high-precision dispersion experiments.

Fingerprint Identification Poster Products for Science Education

Analyze fingerprints like a professional investigator.

3B Scientific™ Glass Prism Products for Science Education

30-60-90° prism measures index of refraction

3B Scientific™ Electrolyzers and Electrodes Products for Science Education

Electrolyzers with safety terminals.

EISCO Watch Glasses Products for Science Education

Range of different diameters.

EISCO Micro Bunsen Burner Products for Science Education

Premium burner that is ideal for labs and classrooms

EISCO Ceramic Magnets Products for Science Education

Keepers included.

Thermo Scientific™ RT2 Basic Hotplate Stirrer Products for Science Education

Low-profile analog stirrer for routine applications

Bel-Art™ Scienceware™ Single Scale Graduated Cylinders Products for Science Education

With raised numerals for quick, accurate reading

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Round Lead Ring Flask Weights with Vikem™ Vinyl Coating Products for Science Education

Protects and stabilizes expensive glassware. SP Scienceware™ Round Lead Ring Flask Weights with Vikem™ Vinyl Coating reduces floating, breakage and chemical spills.

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Büchner Funnels Products for Science Education Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Lightweight, but not top-heavy.

EISCO Double Convex Glass Lens

Perform experiments with a high quality, optically true lens. The EISCO Double Convex Glass Lens is made of optically worked, highly polished glass with ground edges.

Horseshoe Magnets Products for Science Education

Chrome steel, with keepers.

PYREX™ VISTA™ Class A Cylinder Products for Science Education

Calibrated “To Deliver”

Kemtec™ AP Chemistry Kits: Determining the Equilibrium Constant (and Temperature's Effect) with Beer's Law Products for Science Education

Loaded with important concepts and techniques for the AP chemistry student; determine the equilibrium constant using Le Chatelier's principle and Beer's Law (using spectrophotometry) to determine equilibrium concentrations of reactants and products.

Kemtec™ Owl Pellet Kit Products for Science Education

Students discover what an owl had to eat by examining the owl pellet.

Edvotek™ Brassica Quick Plant™ Seeds Products for Science Education

Quick-growing seeds encourage hands-on classroom activities.

Fixed Volume MiniPipets Products for Science Education

Easy-to-use, precise operation and ergonomic design