Educational Motors and Generators

Demo Van de Graaff Generator Products for Science Education

Complete self-contained unit with discharger and accessories.

Eisco™ Hand Generator with Light and Banana Terminals Products for Science Education

Utilized with almost any experiment requiring upto 12V DC current. Eisco™ Hand Generator with Light and Banana Terminals is a hand operated, housed in clear tough plastic case.

3B Scientific™ Wimshurst Machine Products for Science Education

Historical experiment set-up for the generation of safe, high DC potentials for numerous experiments in the area of electrostatics.

EISCO Function Generators Products for Science Education

Use to generate electrical wave forms for classroom experiments.

Eisco™ Build A DC Motor Kit Products for Science Education

Classic activity used to teach crucial scientific and physics concepts.

Eisco™ Demo Motor Generator (AC/DC) - Shunt and Series Products for Science Education

Demonstrates both shunt wound and series wound connections.

EISCO Motor Generator Products for Science Education

For basic training in electricity.

3B Scientific™ Demonstration Dynamo Products for Science Education

Model dynamo demonstrates conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy.

EISCO Demonstration Electric Motor Products for Science Education

Permanent magnetic field provided by removable bar magnet.

Hand-Driven AC/DC Generator Products for Science Education

Demonstrate the construction and operation of AC and DC generators.

Eisco™ Basic St. Louis Motor Products for Science Education

Demonstrates operations of DC motor.

United Scientific Supplies Demonstration DC Motor Products for Science Education

Designed for students to learn about electromagnetic forces.

AC/DC Generator Demonstration Set Products for Science Education

An effective hand generator for AC/DC demonstrations.

Demonstration Motor/Generator Set Products for Science Education

Use this device as either a motor or generator demonstrator in your classroom.

Low Temperature Difference Stirling Engine Products for Science Education

Illustrates conversion of heat energy into mechanical work using a thermodynamic cycle similar to the Carnot cycle.

Tele Lite™ Honda™ BF150 Large Outboard Motors

Deliver advanced technology for a maximum boating experience

Tele Lite™ Honda™ BF135 Large Outboard Motors

Deliver advanced technology for a maximum boating experience

Tele Lite™ Honda Outboard Mid-Range Motor Series: Model BF25

For use in pontoons, aluminum fishing boats and bay boats

Vernier KidWind simpleGEN Easy-to-build AC Generator Kit

Allows students to explore the basics of electrical generator design.

Genecon™ Kit Products for Science Education

More than 24 experiments covering 10 topics.

Tele Lite™ Honda™ Outboard Large Motor Series

Deliver advanced technology for a maximum boating experience

American Educational Products Stirling Engine Model Products for Science Education

Demonstrates an early attempt at producing environmentally sound, economic and efficient power.

Wind Powered Generator Products for Science Education

Study the inter-relationship between aerodynamics, motion, and electrical power production.