Electrical Equipment and Supplies

Fisherfinest™ Power Supply for Sedimat

For use with FisherFinest Sedimat 15 Plus 15 minute automated ESR reader.

Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ EC300XL2 Compact Power Supply

Retain settings after shut-down with the power-off memory on the Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ EC300XL2 Compact Power Supply, ideal for DNA/RNA and Protein electrophoresis.

Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ EC1000XL Programmable Power Supply

Save benchtop space with the stackable design of the Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ EC1000XL Programmable Power Supply.

FisherBiotech™ Power Supply Temperature Probe

For use with power supply models FB1000Q and FB3000Q. Provides temperature control from 0° to 90°C.

Salisbury Ball and Socket Temporary Grounding System

For variable angle accessibility

3B Scientific™ DC Power Supply 0–500V Products for Science Education

Electron tube power supply with four outputs.

Degem™ Autotronics Training Modules Products for Science Education

For use with the Degem Autotronics Workstation.

3B Scientific™ Alligator Clip Products for Science Education

Accepts 4mm test leads or any other 4mm Multilam plug.

Rheostats Products for Science Education

Wide range of rheostats offering excellent value

EMD Millipore Power Cord

For water purification systems

3B Scientific™ High-Voltage Power Supply 5kV Products for Science Education

Universally applicable, floating, high-voltage source for operation of electron tubes.

Edvotek™ DuoSource™150 Power Supply Products for Science Education

Edvotek's DuoSource 150 power supply is designed to power any combination of horizontal or vertical electrophoresis units.

Eisco™ Electrophoresis DC Power Supply Products for Science Education

Regulated DC power supply.

Eisco™ 750mm Connecting Leads Products for Science Education

The Eisco™ 750mm Connecting Leads are great for use in the classroom or lab. The connecting leads allow for a quick, temporary electrical connection.

Degem™ Educational Electronics Workstation Products for Science Education

All-inclusive electronics educational system provides all the tools a student needs for a full course in electricity, electronics, microcomputers and embedded Linux™ systems.

FisherBiotech™ Electrophoresis Power Supplies

Easy-to-use power supplies designed for safety

3B Scientific™ Adjustable Plate Capacitor Products for Science Education

Investigate the relationship between charge, voltage and capacitance.

EISCO 6 Decade Resistance Box Products for Science Education

Provides 6 decades of ranges.

EISCO Basic Circuits Kit Products for Science Education

An inventive way to teach series-parallel circuits.

EISCO Resistance Coils Products for Science Education

Shows how resistance varies with the type of wire, length of wire, and diameter of wire in coil in 0.1 to 0.9 ohms.

3B Scientific™ DC Power Supply 0–20V Products for Science Education

Universal power supply with digital current and voltage display.

EISCO Black 4mm Connecting Leads

The EISCO Black 4mm Connecting Leads (pk of 12) enables quick temporary electrical connections.

3B Scientific™ Dismantlable Transformer Products for Science Education

For the generation of a powerful magnetic flux.

Eisco™ 500mm Connecting Leads With Plug Products for Science Education

The Eisco™ 500mm Connecting Leads With Plug are great for physics labs or any application requiring the assembly of basic circuits.

EISCO AC/DC Power Supply Products for Science Education

Use the two independent outputs on this power supply simultaneously.