Classroom Educational Kits

3B Scientific™ Electrolyzers and Electrodes Products for Science Education

Electrolyzers with safety terminals.

Transformation of E. coli with Green and Blue Fluorescent Protein Plasmids Classroom Kit Products for Science Education

Helps students develop an understanding of bacterial transformation by plasmid DNA

Edvotek™ Transformation of E. coli with Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) Products for Science Education

GFP gene was isolated and cloned from the jellyfish Aequorea victoria.

Kemtec™ Physical and Chemical Resources of the Living Ocean Products for Science Education

Helps to learn why salt is one of our most valuable chemical resources.

Edvotek™ Diversity of Fish Proteins Products for Science Education

Determine the relationship between three fish species based on their protein profiles.

Diversified Woodcrafts™ Hydroponics Growing System Products for Science Education

Self contained ebb and flow hydroponics center with grow lights and water pump.

Diversified Woodcrafts™ Microscope Storage Cabinet Products for Science Education Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Hold 15 to 30 microscopes, depending on cabinet size, when you add a Diversified Microscope Storage Cabinet to your lab.

Kemtec™ Reef Restaurant Kit Products for Science Education

Study effects of certain environmental conditions on coral reef and associated food webs.

Edvotek™ Purification and Size Determination of Green and Blue Fluorescent Proteins Products for Science Education

The unique fluorescent properties of GFP and BFP will be used as an assay during their purification from an E. coli extract.

Edvotek™ Detection of the Influenza Virus Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

In this experiment, students perform two common tests (RIDT, RT-PCR) used to diagnose the flu in clinical setting. Edvotek™ Detection of the Influenza Virus Experiment Kit is for 8 lab groups.

EISCO Collision in 2-D Apparatus Products for Science Education

This apparatus consists of a curved track with a base at one end.

Edvotek™ Affinity Chromatography of Glucose-Binding Proteins Products for Science Education

Isolate a carbohydrate-binding lectin protein from an extract of jack bean meal.

Edvotek™ AIDS Kit III: Simulation of HIV Detection by Protein Electrophoresis Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

In this experiment, students will use SDS-PAGE to simulate the identification of HIV proteins in simulated patient samples. Edvotek™ AIDS Kit III: Simulation of HIV Detection by Protein Electrophoresis Experiment Kit test results are used to diagnose an HIV infection.

EISCO Goggle Sanitizer Cabinet Products for Science Education

UV light kills the germs on goggles after laboratory use.

EISCO Hall's Car Pair Products for Science Education

Essential items for dynamics experiments.

Kemtec™ Common Indicators Kit Products for Science Education

Younger students can visually determine nature of acid-base chemisty.

Kemtec™ Separation of Plant Pigments Using Gel Filtration Kit Products for Science Education

Students learn how to separate pigments in plants.

Edvotek™ AP LAB 11: Transpiration Products for Science Education

The principles of diffusion and osmosis are applied to the movement of water within plants.

Edvotek™ Quantitative ELISA Laboratory Activity Products for Science Education

Antibodies are highly specific in their recognition of antigens.

Kemtec™ Matters for Minors Kit Products for Science Education

An introduction to observation and investigation using discovery.

Edvotek™ What's In My Lunch? Quantitative Milk Allergy ELISA Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

Inquiry-based experiment, students learn about the concepts and methodology behind the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Edvotek™ What's In My Lunch? Quantitative Milk Allergy ELISA Experiment Kit helps in detecting the presence of whey protein in various food products.

Edvotek™ DNA Damage and Repair Products for Science Education

Students can see firsthand the damage done by UV light.

Kemtec™ AP™ Chemistry Kits: Reaction Rate and Order Products for Science Education

Using this superior reagent system, students are able to generate highly reproducible results from an iodine clock reaction.

Kemtec™ Amazing Waves Kit Products for Science Education

Seven activities take students through examination and observation of waves, wave properties and influence of waves on coastline.

Edvotek™ AP LAB 12: Fruit Fly Behavior Products for Science Education

Introduces students to the concept of distribution of organisms.

Edvotek™ Immunology of Pregnancy Tests Products for Science Education

One of the most commonly used over-the-counter diagnostic tests is the pregnancy test, based on the Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA).

EISCO Ray Box Products for Science Education

For a wide range of optics experiments.

Edvotek™ Advanced Placement Laboratory Kit 2: Principles of Enzyme Catalysis Products for Science Education

Understand enzyme catalysis and protein structure-function relationships.