Environmental Classroom Kits

Edvotek™ Environmental Toxicity Response in C. elegans Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

In this experiment, students will observe and compare the effects of heavy metals found in the environment on normal and mutant strains of Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans). Edvotek™ Environmental Toxicity Response in C. elegans Experiment Kit contains five LIVE materials.

Kemtec™ A Space Farm Kit Products for Science Education

Illustrates to young students how we might grow our food in an environment other than earth.

Kemtec™ Make an Ocean Kit Products for Science Education

Students model four ocean ecology scenarios as they investigate the effect of farm and industrial waste on ocean life.

Lab-Aids™ Modeling and Investigating Watersheds Products for Science Education

Students explore the dynamics of watersheds. Lab-Aids™ Modeling and Investigating Watersheds provides students with the exclusive Lab-Aids™ watershed models to enhance their learning experience.

Microlife Mix Culture Products for Science Education

An opportunity to delve into the diversity of pond microorganisms.

What Can SeaBabies™ Tell Us About Pollution Kit Products for Science Education

Helps students see the effects of pollution on sea life