Fuel Cells

Green Fuel Cell Kit Products for Science Education

Monitors voltage generated by a yeast-powered green fuel cell.

American Educational Products 0.45 to 100mA Solar Cell Products for Science Education

Use independently or with other solar cells.

Dr. FuelCell™ Science Kits Products for Science Education

Hands-on experience using individual investigations or small-group activities to demonstrate a solar hydrogen system.

Dr. FuelCell™ Model Cars Products for Science Education

Teach concepts such as electrolysis, solar power, fuel cells, energy and energy conversion, volts, watts and amps.

Fuel Cell Car Science Kit Products for Science Education

Combines cutting-edge science, education, and fun for all

Hydrocar Education Kit Products for Science Education

See what transportation could look like in the next decades.

Solar Hydrogen Education Kit Products for Science Education

Discover how to produce, store, and use the clean energy of the future.

Renewable Energy Monitor Products for Science Education

Compatible with any Horizon clean energy educational kits.

Renewable Energy Kit Products for Science Education

Demonstrate the workings of a complete clean energy system on a miniature scale.

Electric Mobility Science Kit Products for Science Education

Six different models can be built with one chassis.

PEM Reversible Fuel Cell Products for Science Education

Combines the functions of an electrolyzer and a fuel cell into one device.

Horizon Fuel Cell Bio-Energy Kit Products for Science Education

Create electricity from ethanol and water.

Ethanol Fuel Cell Science Kit Products for Science Education

Miniature power plant where ethanol is the feedstock.

Hydrofill™ PRO/Hydrogen On-Demand Products for Science Education

Small, low-cost and safe alternative to bottled, compressed hydrogen.

Horizon Fuel Cell H-Racer and H-Racer 2.0 Products for Science Education

Combination of hydrogen with oxygen generates a DC current to power an electric motor.

Wind-to-Hydrogen Kit Products for Science Education

Invent clean energy applications using fuel cells and renewable hydrogen.

Micro Fuel Cell Science Kit Products for Science Education

Allows students to develop their own micro-fuel cell applications.

Thermal Power Science Kit Products for Science Education

Generates electricity using hot, cold water and conversion cell.

Salt Water Fuel Cell Science Kit Products for Science Education

Combines a saltwater electrolyte with magnesium plates to generate electrical energy.

H-Cell 2.0 Hobby Car Products for Science Education

Integrated system can be adapted to multiple RC hobby platforms and robots.

Hydrostik™ Pro/Mini-Hydrogen Storage Products for Science Education

Stores hydrogen safely in a noncompressed, solid metallic form.

Horizon Fuel Cell Educational Fuel Cell Stacks FCSU-32 (EDUSTAK JUNIOR) Products for Science Education

Provides fuel cell technology for classroom without using compressed hydrogen.

i-H2GO™ Hydrogen RC Car Products for Science Education

World's first hydrogen hybrid car with gyroscopic steering system — use buttons to move left, right, forward and back or hold handset in the air like a steering wheel.