Models and Model Making

3B Scientific™ Fetus Skull Products for Science Education

Study the anatomy of a human fetal skull with this realistic replica.

3B Scientific™ Disarticulated Human Skeleton Products for Science Education

Supports individual study and authentic assessment.

EISCO Model Human Torso half size with Head African - 9 Parts Products for Science Education

Half size African Youth Model dissectable in 9 parts.

3B Scientific™ Heart Model, 3/4 Full-Sized, Two-Part Products for Science Education

The heart's major functions and structures are numbered for easy memorization.

3B Scientific™ ORTHObones Human Femur Models Products for Science Education

Resembles human bone in terms of form and characteristics.

3B Scientific™ Life-Size Plastic Skulls Products for Science Education

Three-part, life-size replica cast from the skull bones of an adult male.

EISCO Half-Size Torso with Head Model, 16 Parts Products for Science Education

Youth model detailing human upper body anatomy with head.

EISCO Human Digestive Canal Model Products for Science Education

Allows students to study the structure of Human Digestive Canal.

3B Scientific™ BONElike™ Vertebral Column Model Products for Science Education

Realistic, anatomical replica of the human spine.

3B Scientific™ Deluxe Flexible Spine Model with Femur Heads

Demonstrate the anatomy of the human spine. The 3B Scientific™ Deluxe Flexible Spine Model with Femur Heads is used for anatomical study, and is flexibly mounted with movable femur heads for effective demonstration.

EISCO Model Human Female Pelvis, Pregnancy with Fetus Products for Science Education

Life size representation of a meidn section through the female pelvis in the 9th month of prenancy with removable fetus.

3B Scientific™ ORTHObones Human Tibia Models Products for Science Education

Resembles human bone in terms of form and characteristics.

3B Scientific™ MICROanatomy™ Kidney Products for Science Education

Extremely detailed model shows the morphologic/functional units of the kidney.

EISCO Human Larynx Model, Three Parts Products for Science Education

Dissectable into three parts for detailed anatomical studies.

3B Scientific™ Muscular Arm Products for Science Education

Six-part, three-quarter life-size left arm to study musculature.

EISCO Frog Dissection Model Products for Science Education

Three-dimensional model of frog.

3B Scientific™ Didactic Skull on Cervical Spine Products for Science Education

This model uses 19 didactic colors to demonstrate the shapes and relationships of the various bone plates of the skull.

3B Scientific™ Ultrasound Sclerotherapy Simulator Products for Science Education

Simulator with realistic soft-tissue and life-like vena saphena.

EISCO Human Fetus Model Products for Science Education

In three parts.

3B Scientific™ Episiotomy Suturing Simulator Products for Science Education

Provides realistic way for students to learn suturing techniques.

EISCO Human Torso Young Model, Nine Parts Products for Science Education

Half size torso dissectable into nine parts with fixed half head.

EISCO Human Shoulder Joint Model Products for Science Education

Natural size model for students examining human shoulder joint.

3B Scientific™ Pea (Pisum sativum) Model Products for Science Education

Detailed model detaches into 12 components.

3B Scientific™ ORTHObones Human Hemi Pelvis Models Products for Science Education

Resembles human bone in terms of form and characteristics.

EISCO Pathology Model, Hypertension Products for Science Education

Shows damage from high blood pressure Removable organs for closer study.

Lumbar Spinal Column Model Products for Science Education

With dorso-lateral prolapsed intervertebral disc

3B Scientific™ Basic Patient Care Manikin Products for Science Education

Allows practice of most training applications from basic to elderly patient care.