Models and Model Making

EISCO Model Upper & Lower Jaw - 4 times enlarged Products for Science Education

Shows the tooth roots, spongiosa, vessels and nerves.

EISCO Model Dentition Development Set Products for Science Education

Cast from natural specimen, 4 upper and lower jaw halves, 4 different stages of development.

EISCO Teeth With Tongue Model Products for Science Education

Dissectible into two parts, with detachable teeth of lower jaw.

3B Scientific™ Heart, Full-Size, 7-Part Products for Science Education

This high quality model clearly shows over 30 different anatomical regions in the heart. Comes with product manual for easy identification of anatomical features.

EISCO Model Human Lung Right Products for Science Education

Dissectable into 2 parts showing all the important parts.

3B Scientific™ SONOtrain™ Breast Model with Cysts Products for Science Education

Realistic reproduction of a breast made from ultrasound material with two cysts for realistic punctures and aspirations.

EISCO Chromosome Products for Science Education

Model of chromosome helps in studying various features.

3B Scientific™ Lung Model, Full-Size, Five-Part Products for Science Education

Anatomically correct heart and lung model.

Eisco™ Model Human Heart & Lung Models - 5 parts Products for Science Education

This model is hand painted and numbered for student study.

3B Scientific™ SONOtrain™ Breast Model with Tumors Products for Science Education

Realistic reproduction of a breast made from ultrasound material with three tumors for realistic punctures and biopsies.

3B Scientific™ Wearable Breast Self Examination Model Products for Science Education

Displays breast skin in finest detail.

Eisco™ Molecular Model Part; Ball Products for Science Education

Molecular model sets are used to provide a visual and kinesthetic aid for studying the structure and properties of various molecules.

EISCO Model Period of Gestation Set of 9 Products for Science Education

Set of nine models, most accurate, mounted on stand.

3B Scientific™ Skin Model Products for Science Education

Represents sections of human skin with magnification of 80X.

3B Scientific™ SONOtrain™ Foreign Body Model Products for Science Education

Ideal for training in how to detect and recognize foreign bodies using ultrasound.

EISCO Human Skeleton Model, Rod Mount Products for Science Education

Provides incredibly high amount of realism and detail for students examining human skeleton.

EISCO Molecular Model Part; Yellow Balls, 2 Holes

Add extra molecular model parts to an existing kit. The EISCO Molecular Model Part; Yellow Balls, 2 Holes are used to provide a visual and kinesthetic aid for studying the structure and properties of various molecules.

3B Scientific™ Flexible Vertebral Column with Pelvis Products for Science Education

3B Scientific stand comes in three parts and can be placed on the floor or wall-mounted making demonstrations easily accessible.

EISCO Model Pancreatic Duct Products for Science Education

Enlarged model of extra-hepatic bile passages and the pancreatic ducts showing all major parts.

EISCO Human Heart Model, Three Parts Products for Science Education

Sectioned through the ventricles and auricles for detailed anatomical studies.

3B Scientific™ Female Breast Models Products for Science Education

Female breast and chest wall representation.

3B Scientific™ Disarticulated Human Skeleton Products for Science Education

Supports individual study and authentic assessment.

EISCO Human Fetus Model Products for Science Education

In three parts.

3B Scientific™ SONOtrain™ Vein Model Products for Science Education

The material of the SONOtrain trainer simulates the feel of real soft tissue for carrying out palpations and injections and shows realistic texture and echogenicity on ultrasound images.

3B Scientific™ Deluxe Flexible Spine Model with Femur Heads

Demonstrate the anatomy of the human spine. The 3B Scientific™ Deluxe Flexible Spine Model with Femur Heads is used for anatomical study, and is flexibly mounted with movable femur heads for effective demonstration.

3B Scientific™ Testicle Model Products for Science Education

Made of SKINlike™ high-quality silicon that offers realistic feel.

3B Scientific™ Three-Part Female Pelvis with Ligaments Products for Science Education

Represents an original cast of a bony female pelvis, which shows all details of anatomical structures

EISCO Human Shoulder Joint Model Products for Science Education

Natural size model for students examining human shoulder joint.