Anatomical and Cellular Models

3B Scientific™ Deluxe Human Skeleton Products for Science Education

Medical-grade skeleton works for both instructional illustration and chiropractical demonstration.

3B Scientific™ Catheterization Trainers Products for Science Education

Material gives realistic feel and flexibility.

EISCO Human Embryo Model, 4 weeks old Products for Science Education

Magnified approximately 50 times this model shows the early stages of human development.

3B Scientific™ Breast Self Examination Model Products for Science Education

Realistic natural casting of three different female breasts in C and D cups, to train and practice breast examination.

3B Scientific™ Resusci Baby QCPR Full Body with Suitcase Products for Science Education

Provides thorough and realistic CPR training.

EISCO Human Digestive Canal Model Products for Science Education

Allows students to study the structure of Human Digestive Canal.

EISCO Prehistoric Man Skull Set Products for Science Education

Set of six natural sized replicas of prehistoric skulls.

3B Scientific™ MICROanatomy™ Bone Structure Products for Science Education

Extremely detailed model shows a typical structure of a tubular bone enlarged 80 times.

3B Scientific™ MICROanatomy™ Tongue Products for Science Education

Study the tongue in detail.

EISCO Model Human Torso half size with Head African - 9 Parts Products for Science Education

Half size African Youth Model dissectable in 9 parts.

3B Scientific™ Basic Billy CPR Life Support Simulators Products for Science Education

Save lives through correct cardiac massage and ventilation technique.

3B Scientific™ Human Skull Model with Cleft Jaw and Palate Products for Science Education

One-part skull depicts a male with severe malformation of the left skull half with cleft jaw and palate.

EISCO Human Foot Cross Section Model Set Products for Science Education

Model of human foot bow. Set of 3 models.

3B Scientific™ Three-Part Transparent Classic Human Skull Model

Add to your educational collection with this transparent human skull. The 3B Scientific™ Transparent Classic Human Skull Model allows for the study of internal structures that otherwise are only visible through x-ray images.

EISCO Model Standing Urinary Products for Science Education

3D model of male urinary system and its blood supply is free standing, enabling study from all aspects.

3B Scientific™ Digestive System Four-Part Model Products for Science Education

Two-part stomach reveals interior walls.

EISCO Human, Sexless Torso, 12 Parts, College Level Detail Products for Science Education

This mini torso model is an excellent way to teach human anatomy at an economical price.

3B Scientific™ MICROanatomy™ Eye Products for Science Education

Two-part model illustrates the microscopic structure of the retina with choroid and sclera.

3B Scientific™ Bandaging Simulator with Ostomy Products for Science Education

Simulator with 14 different wounds to practice wound management, cleaning and bandaging techniques.

3B Scientific™ Hip, Knee and Elbow Joint Models Products for Science Education

For studying the anatomy of human bones, joints and muscles.

EISCO Half-Size Torso with Head Model, 16 Parts Products for Science Education

Youth model detailing human upper body anatomy with head.

3B Scientific™ Muscular Arm Products for Science Education

Six-part, three-quarter life-size left arm to study musculature.

3B Scientific™ Lung Model, Full-Size, Five-Part Products for Science Education

Anatomically correct heart and lung model.

3B Scientific™ ORTHObones Model of Mandible with Teeth Products for Science Education

Resembles human bone in terms of form and characteristics.

3B Scientific™ Beauchene 22-Part Adult Human Skull Model Products for Science Education

Can be disassembled into 22 individual bones.

EISCO Human Skin Model Products for Science Education

Comprehensive model 300 times, enlarged.

3B Scientific™ Six-Part Bonelike™ Human Bone Skull Model

Study the bony structure and the complicated anatomy of the human skull. The 3B Scientific™ Six-Part BONElike™ Human Bone Skull Model brings the realism of human anatomy to any classroom.

3B Scientific™ Disarticulated Human Skeleton Products for Science Education

Supports individual study and authentic assessment.

EISCO Model Human Stomach - 2 Parts Products for Science Education

Life Size, dissectable into parts to show interior, convoluted rugae and pyloric valve.