Anatomical and Cellular Models

EISCO Human Eye, 5X Enlarged, 6 part, Dissectable Products for Science Education

The 6-part human eye model (magnified 5x) is a very highly detailed demonstration of the human eye.

EISCO Human Ovary Model Products for Science Education

Anatomically accurate representation of female reproductive organs.

EISCO Human Fetal Model, Seven Stages Products for Science Education

Cross-sectional pelvic model demonstrates the major stages of child birth.

EISCO Human Ear Model, Five-Part Products for Science Education

Enlarged four times to allow detailed study of internal and external structures.

EISCO Giant Human Heart Model Products for Science Education

Get an amazing look at the human heart with this 3 times life size model.

EISCO Torso Half Size with Head - 7 Parts Products for Science Education

Introductory toroso of a human youth in age.

3B Scientific™ Skin Cancer Model Products for Science Education

Vividly displays six different stages of the malignant melanoma.

3B Scientific™ Enlarged Ear, Four-Part Products for Science Education

The complex functions of the ear exposed.

3B Scientific™ Human Skull Model with Cleft Jaw and Palate Products for Science Education

One-part skull depicts a male with severe malformation of the left skull half with cleft jaw and palate.

3B Scientific™ Skin Section Master Series™ Products for Science Education

Enlarged skin offers students a look at the scalp and foot.

3B Scientific™ Larynx Model Products for Science Education

Two times full size

EISCO Model Human Testis Products for Science Education

Model of human testis showing all details.

EISCO Model Human Skull - 3 Parts Products for Science Education

Made of fibre material.

EISCO Hand Painted Human Heart Model - Life Size Products for Science Education

Portion of the heart removes for further study of the heart.

EISCO Animal Cell Division - Mitosis Model Products for Science Education

Displays different stages in mitotic cell division.

3B Scientific™ Stomach with Ulcers Products for Science Education

Demonstrates various stages of gastritis from a light gastric ulcer to a perforation.

EISCO Functioning of Brain Model Products for Science Education

To study regions within the cerebral cortex.

3B Scientific™ Adult Human Skeleton Products for Science Education

Premier line of skeletal models offers educators medical-grade quality.

3B Scientific™ Beauchene 22-Part Adult Human Skull Model Products for Science Education

Can be disassembled into 22 individual bones.

3B Scientific™ SONOtrain™ Breast Model with Tumors Products for Science Education

Realistic reproduction of a breast made from ultrasound material with three tumors for realistic punctures and biopsies.

3B Scientific™ Skin, Block Model Products for Science Education

Unique model shows a section of human skin in three-dimensional form.

EISCO Human Liver Model Products for Science Education

Natural size allows students for detailed anatomical studies.

3B Scientific™ Fetus Skull Products for Science Education

Study the anatomy of a human fetal skull with this realistic replica.

3B Scientific™ 2-Part Larynx Model Products for Science Education

Divided into two halves

Stomach Model, Two-Part Products for Science Education

Shows individual layers of stomache wall

EISCO Human Skeleton Painted Model Products for Science Education

Shows muscle origin in red and insertion in blue along left side.

3B Scientific™ Brain Models Products for Science Education

Different separations of the brain expose different levels of detail and complexity.

3B Scientific™ Heart Model, 3/4 Full-Sized, Two-Part Products for Science Education

The heart's major functions and structures are numbered for easy memorization.