Anatomical and Cellular Models

3B Scientific™ MICROanatomy™ Eye Products for Science Education

Two-part model illustrates the microscopic structure of the retina with choroid and sclera.

EISCO Human Ear Model, Five-Part Products for Science Education

Enlarged four times to allow detailed study of internal and external structures.

3B Scientific™ BONElike™ Vertebral Column Model Products for Science Education

Realistic, anatomical replica of the human spine.

3B Scientific™ ORTHObones Human Tibia Models Products for Science Education

Resembles human bone in terms of form and characteristics.

3B Scientific™ MICROanatomy™ Digestive System Products for Science Education

Illustrates the structure of fine tissues of the digestive system.

EISCO Giant Human Heart Model Products for Science Education

Get an amazing look at the human heart with this 3 times life size model.

3B Scientific™ Mini-Musculature Figure Model Products for Science Education

One-quarter life-size with full-size value.

3B Scientific™ Pregnancy Series Products for Science Education

Eight-stage pregnancy models.

3B Scientific™ Circumcision Trainer Kit Products for Science Education

Made with soft, lifelike material, which is pliable, delicate, and realistic to touch.

3B Scientific™ ORTHObones Human Humerus Models Products for Science Education

Resembles human bone in terms of form and characteristics.

EISCO Model Human Urinary Bladder with Prostate - 2 Parts Products for Science Education

Enlarged 3 times, shows the male urinary bladder with the prostate gland surrounding the urethra.

3B Scientific™ MICROanatomy™ Liver Products for Science Education

Study the liver in detail.

3B Scientific™ Liver with Gallbladder Products for Science Education

Realistic model is great for in the classroom.

3B Scientific™ Kidney, Nephron, and Glomerulus Master Series™ Products for Science Education

Three durable, plastic models mounted on a base allow study of the kidney, nephron and glomerulus.

3B Scientific™ Demonstration Larynx Products for Science Education

Enlarged to about 2.5 times life size.

3B Scientific™ Introductory Brain, Two-Part Products for Science Education

Basic brain medially divided, anatomically accurate, life-size and unbreakable.

3B Scientific™ Life-Size Plastic Skulls Products for Science Education

Three-part, life-size replica cast from the skull bones of an adult male.

3B Scientific™ Deluxe Functional Joints Products for Science Education

High-quality life-size functional models for demonstrating anatomy and joint motion.

3B Scientific™ Testicle Model Products for Science Education

Made of SKINlike™ high-quality silicon that offers realistic feel.

3B Scientific™ ORTHObones Human Radius Models Products for Science Education

Resembles human bone in terms of form and characteristics

EISCO Model Human Testis Products for Science Education

Model of human testis showing all details.

3B Scientific™ MICROanatomy™ Kidney Products for Science Education

Extremely detailed model shows the morphologic/functional units of the kidney.

EISCO Animal Cell Division - Mitosis Model Products for Science Education

Displays different stages in mitotic cell division.

3B Scientific™ Digestive System Four-Part Model Products for Science Education

Two-part stomach reveals interior walls.

3B Scientific™ Kidney Stone Model Products for Science Education

Helpful for teaching about kidney stones and urinary stones.

EISCO Hand Painted Human Heart Model - Life Size Products for Science Education

Portion of the heart removes for further study of the heart.

EISCO Disarticulated Skeleton Model Products for Science Education

For students examining human skeleton.