DNA Models

3B Scientific™ RNA 12-Base Kit Products for Science Education

Provides hands-on investigation into protein synthesis

Kemtec™ DNA Model with Paint Kit Products for Science Education

Enhance lectures or labs with this model enlarged 100 million times (scale 10cm × 1nm).

EISCO Chromosome Products for Science Education

Model of chromosome helps in studying various features.

3B Scientific™ DNA Double Helix Model Products for Science Education

Demonstrates three coils of a DNA double helix with base pairing.

DNA Model Products for Science Education

Pre-assembled DNA model built to a scale of 10cm to 1nm.

DNA Model Kit Products for Science Education

Accurately depicts a 16-base-pair section of DNA.

Giant Hands-On DNA Model Products for Science Education

Towering nearly three feet tall, this DNA model is ideal for presentations or hands-on investigations.

Snap-Together DNA Model Kit Products for Science Education

Enough parts to form two complete models.

29-Series Pop Beads Products for Science Education

Create models of DNA strand, DNA replication, RNA conversion, cell organelles, ribosomes, mitochondria and a nucleus.

RNA-Protein Synthesis Model Products for Science Education

Explains the process of replication.

Lab-Aids™ Molecular Model of DNA and its Replication Products for Science Education

Construct a double helix of the DNA molecule. Lab-Aids Molecular Model of DNA and its Replication is a basic introduction to the double helix model of DNA using simple components developed exclusively by Lab-Aids™.

DNA and Sugar-Phosphate Molecular Model Kit Products for Science Education

Designed to make the complex structure of molecules easy to visualize and understand.

Modeling DNA Structure and the Process of Replication Products for Science Education

Model the structure of DNA using color-coded parts.

DNA Depot™ Colored DNA Bead Necklace Products for Science Education

Colored beads can represent DNA bases (A, T, G, C).

Altay Scientific™ Double Helix DNA (B-DNA) Models Products for Science Education

Demonstrate distinctive features of double-stranded DNA structure and topology.

American Educational Products DNA/RNA Protein Kit Products for Science Education

Realistically illustrate protein synthesis, DNA replication, Lac Operon, mitosis, meiosis and more with this innovative set of magnetic model pieces.