Physics Apparatus

Eisco™ Acrylic Equilateral Prisms Products for Science Education

Set consist of highly polished acrylic equilateral prisms

Eisco™ NeuLog™ Pulley Kit

The Eisco™ NeuLog™ Pulley Kit with the force logger sensor allows students to explore various options of pulley arrangements.

3B Scientific™ Resonance Ring Products for Science Education

Demonstrates vibration knots in determination of different frequencies.

Fisher Science Education Bar Breaking Apparatus Products for Science Education

To demonstrate the forces which can be exerted during thermal expansion or contraction.

EISCO Gear Rack Model Products for Science Education

Simple gear and rack system demonstrates how gears turn rotational motion into translational motion.

EISCO Resonant Tuning Fork Set Products for Science Education

Demonstrates acoustical resonance and sympathetic vibration.

3B Scientific™ Air Flow Apparatus Products for Science Education

For demonstrating air flow patterns around bodies of different shapes.

Hydrocar Products for Science Education

New design offers futuristic feel for what transportation could look like in the next decades

Eisco Bimetallic Commercial Strips

Pack of bi-metal strips for practicals and project work.

Eisco Right-Angled Glass Prisms Products for Science Education

Non-optically worked with polished faces.

3B Scientific™ Accessories for Kinetic Gas Theory Products for Science Education

Accessories for vibrator (U56001) for simulating particle motion in an ideal gas.

Eisco Electrodes for Student Cell Products for Science Education

High quality electrodes for use with cells.

EISCO Screw Model Products for Science Education

Square top allows easy measurement of the distance screw top is turned compared to its distance into the board.

EISCO Tuning Forks, Set of Eight Products for Science Education

Demonstrate eight different frequencies with one set.

Eisco™ Premium Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope Products for Science Education

This can be used both as a demonstration for the conservation of angular momentum or as exercise equipment.

3B Scientific™ Tuning Forks Set Products for Science Education

For experiments in acoustics

EISCO Wave Apparatus

Demonstrate both longitudinal and transverse wave motions. The EISCO Wave Apparatus consists of a number of eccentric discs supporting a series of metal rods revolving on a handle. Transverse waves are obtained from the straight rods and longitudinal waves are obtained from the bent rods.

3B Scientific™ Fresnel Mirror Set Products for Science Education

Demonstrate the wave nature of light.

3B Scientific™ Kundts Tube Products for Science Education

Demonstrate standing sound waves using this glass tube and calculate wavelengths of sound using a method devised by Kundt.

EISCO Free Fall Apparatus

Accurately study measure free falls. The EISCO Free Fall Apparatus allows the study of acceleration due to gravity via free fall and pendulum levers. Supplied with a manual but without timer and photogate system.

EISCO Linear Air Track with Accessories

Study all aspects of dynamics in a virtually friction free environment with this cost effective system. The EISCO Linear Air Track with Accessories contains everything required for a vast array of experiments covering velocity, force and acceleration, potential energy, kinetic energy, conservation of energy, SHM, motion on level and inclined planes.

3B Scientific™ Paper Roll for Acceleration Spark Timer Products for Science Education

Helps students in the science classroom learn to determine the rate of acceleration in a falling weight.

Fisher Science Education Metals Compound bar Products for Science Education

For demonstrating the differential expansion of two metals.

Fisher Science Education Two-Stroke Diesel Engine Model Products for Science Education

Demonstrates operating principles of an air cooled two-stroke engine.

EISCO Newton's Second Law of Motion Apparatus

Demonstrate Newton's Second Law of Motion with a device that can be mounted to a support stand or a table clamp. The EISCO Newton's Second Law of Motion Apparatus is made of solid metal and designed to last many years in the classroom.

EISCO 3/4 in. Drilled Steel Ball

The EISCO 3/4 in. Drilled Steel Ball can be used for collision and pendulum demonstrations.

EISCO Fulcrum Balance Model Products for Science Education

Illustrates how variations to the fulcrum distance affect the mechanical advantage.

EISCO Hand Held Centripetal Force Kit Products for Science Education

Provides necessary tools to discover properties of rotational dynamics.

EISCO Boxed Set of Prisms Products for Science Education

Variety of shapes for different demonstrations.