Physics Apparatus

3B Scientific™ Free Fall Apparatus Products for Science Education

Easy to set up and use; highly accurate

3B Scientific™ Kundts Tube Products for Science Education

Demonstrate standing sound waves using this glass tube and calculate wavelengths of sound using a method devised by Kundt.

EISCO Lever Model Products for Science Education

Discover the power of levers.

EISCO Melde's Apparatus Products for Science Education

Designed to show the effects of vibrations in a stretched cord, and investigate the relationship between frequency, tension and density.

3B Scientific™ Electric Doorbell Products for Science Education

Demonstrates electro-magnetic operation and verifies that sound waves do not propagate in fine vacuum.

3B Scientific™ Boyle's Law Apparatus Products for Science Education

For experiment-based determinations of the dependence between the volume and pressure of a gas at constant temperature

3B Scientific™ Supplementary Kit for Rotating System on Air Bed Products for Science Education

For investigating frictionless rotational motion and oscillations using a large rotating disc.

EISCO Wheel and Axle Model Products for Science Education

Learn how this simple machine reduces the force needed to move a load.

EISCO Physics Photo Cell Unit Products for Science Education

Applying knowledge of solar energy in a practical experiment way.

EISCO Free Fall Apparatus

Accurately study measure free falls. The EISCO Free Fall Apparatus allows the study of acceleration due to gravity via free fall and pendulum levers. Supplied with a manual but without timer and photogate system.

3B Scientific™ Paper Roll for Acceleration Spark Timer Products for Science Education

Helps students in the science classroom learn to determine the rate of acceleration in a falling weight.

3B Scientific™ Resonance Bowl Products for Science Education

Unique, historic way to demonstrate standing waves

3B Scientific™ Student Mechanics Experiment Set Products for Science Education

Set of apparatus for 26 basic experiments on the mechanics of solids, liquids, and gases

Eisco™ Acrylic Equilateral Prisms Products for Science Education

Set consist of highly polished acrylic equilateral prisms

3B Scientific™ Fresnel Mirror Set Products for Science Education

Demonstrate the wave nature of light.

Four-Stroke Gas and Diesel Engines Products for Science Education

Air-cooled, side-valve four-stroke engines for gas or diesel.

Eisco™ Premium Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope Products for Science Education

This can be used both as a demonstration for the conservation of angular momentum or as exercise equipment.

3B Scientific™ Light Box Equipment Sets Products for Science Education

Versatile, affordable sets for introducing the fundamentals of geometric optics and the combination of color.

EISCO Inertia Balance Kit Products for Science Education

Distinguishes between mass and weight.

EISCO Motion Converter Model Products for Science Education

Demonstrates how rotational motion can be converted into linear motion similar to power train systems.

3B Scientific™ Acceleration Spark Timer Products for Science Education

Used to determine the rate of acceleration in a falling weight and calculates the speed of a moving cart.

Hydrocar Products for Science Education

New design offers futuristic feel for what transportation could look like in the next decades

3B Scientific™ Interferometer Products for Science Education

Permits generation of clear and well-defined interference patterns in daylight.

EISCO Premium Gyroscope and Gimbal Cradle

Demonstrate principles of angular momentum. The EISCO Premium Gyroscope and Gimbal Cradle is an excellent, inexpensive apparatus for experiments in precession, inertial guidance, and gyroscopic stabilization.

Projectile Launcher Products for Science Education

Launch a projectile at any angle from -15° to +90° straight up.

3B Scientific™ Economy Ballistic Pendulum Products for Science Education

Study the laws of conservation of momentum and the trajectory path.

EISCO Screw Model Products for Science Education

Square top allows easy measurement of the distance screw top is turned compared to its distance into the board.

3B Scientific™ Pendulum with Plotting Electrode Products for Science Education

Cylindrical pendulum bob with sliding plotter electrode for experiments to confirm Kepler's law governing areas covered by a body subject to a central force that can be demonstrated by means of powder tracing.

3B Scientific™ Graduated Monochord Products for Science Education

Investigate the pitch of vibrating strings as a function of their tension, length, and thickness.

EISCO Lens Set Products for Science Education

Eisco lens sets are ideal in the classroom for doing optical experiments comparing focal lengths and convex vs. concave lenses.