Optics Demonstration Products

3B Scientific™ Student Optics Experiments Supply Set Products for Science Education

Set of apparatus for carrying out 19 basic student experiments in optics

3B Scientific™ Interferometer Products for Science Education

Permits generation of clear and well-defined interference patterns in daylight.

EISCO Wave Apparatus

Demonstrate both longitudinal and transverse wave motions. The EISCO Wave Apparatus consists of a number of eccentric discs supporting a series of metal rods revolving on a handle. Transverse waves are obtained from the straight rods and longitudinal waves are obtained from the bent rods.

3B Scientific™ Photovoltaics Equipment Set Products for Science Education

Set of equipment on the topic of photovoltaics for one student workplace.

3B Scientific™ Light Box Equipment Sets Products for Science Education

Versatile, affordable sets for introducing the fundamentals of geometric optics and the combination of color.

EISCO Lens Set Products for Science Education

Eisco lens sets are ideal in the classroom for doing optical experiments comparing focal lengths and convex vs. concave lenses.

3B Scientific™ Optics Student Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

Set of equipment for carrying out 38 student experiments on optics.

3B Scientific™ Kirchhoff-Bunsen Spectroscope Products for Science Education

Observes and measures emission and absorption spectra.

3B Scientific™ Fresnel Mirror Set Products for Science Education

Demonstrate the wave nature of light.

EISCO Newton's Color Disc Products for Science Education

Rotating multicolored disc demonstrates that white light is composed of all the spectral colors.

EISCO Boxed Set of Prisms Products for Science Education

Variety of shapes for different demonstrations.

EISCO Hollow Acrylic Semi Circle

The EISCO Hollow Acrylic Semi Circle is a handy devices for observing the index of refraction for different materials.

EISCO Acrylic Equilateral Prisms

Experiment with diffraction, spectrum formation, and more! The EISCO Acrylic Equilateral Prisms is an optical quality acrylic prism that is polished on all faces.

3B Scientific™ Funhouse Mirror Products for Science Education

Great way to teach convex and concave surfaces as well as real and virtual images.

Speed of Light Meter Products for Science Education

Determine the speed of light using electronic time-delay measurement

Eisco™ Acrylic Equilateral Prisms Products for Science Education

Set consist of highly polished acrylic equilateral prisms

Acrylic Demonstration Lenses Sets Products for Science Education

Set of six lenses of a variety of types.

United Scientific Supplies Diffraction Grating for Intermediate Spectrometer Products for Science Education

The United Scientific Supplies Diffraction Grating for Intermediate Spectrometer is a replacement for S23926

Whiteboard Optics Set Products for Science Education

Set of equipment for ray optics and color experiments using magnetic-backed components — use on the included whiteboard or any installed steel whiteboard.

United Scientific Supplies Rectangular Refraction Cell Products for Science Education

Show refraction and internal reflection in water. The United Scientific Supplies Rectangular Refraction Cell has uniform wall thickness to eliminate distortions and can be used to measure liquid's refractive index.

United Scientific Supplies Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Apparatus Products for Science Education

Set of equipment for studying the nuclear magnetic resonance of protons in hydrogen.

Laser Optical Disk Set Products for Science Education

Economical set for introductory ray optics.

Polarizing Films Products for Science Education

An effective yet economical tool for demonstrating polarization of light.

United Scientific Supplies Board Screen Products for Science Education

Accessory for the Meter Stick Optical Bench set.

Deluxe Reflection and Refraction Tank Products for Science Education

Effectively demonstrates the laws of reflection and refraction.

Large Demonstration Prism Set Products for Science Education

Oversized set of six lenses and prisms.

United Scientific Supplies Glass Mirrors Set Products for Science Education

A set of six glass spherical mirrors with back surface silvering.

United Scientific Supplies Semicircular Refraction Cell Products for Science Education

Show refraction and internal reflection in water. The United Scientific Supplies Semicircular Refraction Cell is used to measure refractive index, and has uniform wall thickness to eliminate distortions.

Zeeman Effect Apparatus Products for Science Education

Everything needed for demonstrating Zeeman Effect at 543.1nm.