Laws of Motion Apparatus

3B Scientific™ Accessories for Kinetic Gas Theory Products for Science Education

Accessories for vibrator (U56001) for simulating particle motion in an ideal gas.

EISCO Pendulums on Stand

Perform pendulum-based experiments with a sturdy base. The EISCO Pendulums on Stand provide all of the necessary tools for studying the physics of pendulum motion.

Fisher Science Education Visual Scientifics Car Kit Products for Science Education

For investigating static and kinetic friction, dynamic equilibrium, unbalanced forces and work-energy theory.

EISCO Visual Scientifics Extended Inclined Plane Products for Science Education

For easier investigations of Newton's laws and collisions.

Eisco™ NeuLog™ Pulley Kit

The Eisco™ NeuLog™ Pulley Kit with the force logger sensor allows students to explore various options of pulley arrangements.

Fisher Science Education Steam Engine Model Products for Science Education

Shows the internal structure and operating principles of a working steam engine.

Fisher Science Education Two-Stroke Diesel Engine Model Products for Science Education

Demonstrates operating principles of an air cooled two-stroke engine.

Eisco™ Hooke's Law Apparatus Products for Science Education

Used to teach Hooke&s Law in the classroom.

EISCO Helical Spring Set Products for Science Education

Demonstrates the extension of a spring in relation to the force applied to it.

Drilled/Assorted Balls Set Products for Science Education

Can be used for all pendulum experiments.

GSC GSC Atwood Machine Products for Science Education

Enables students to study motion under the effect of gravity of a two mass system.

Aluminum Sinker Products for Science Education

With handy brass hook

Vernier Projectile Launcher Products for Science Education

Ideal for investigating important concepts in two-dimensional kinematics.

GSC Go Science Crazy Intelligent Timner with Solenoid Power Supply

Exelent Timer for multiple motion experiments

GSC Hooke's Law Demonstration

A great classroom apparatus to help students understand the principles of Hooke's Law. The GSC Hooke's Law Demonstration includes a sturdy base, testing spring, metal scale, an indicator needle, and a complete set of hooked weights. Instructions included.

GSC International Free Fall Apparatus Products for Science Education

Used to study the speed of an object in free fall due to gravity.

GSC Pendulum Apparatus

A easy to use apparatus for teaching students principles of the pendulum and acceleration due to gravity. The GSC Pendulum Apparatus serves two learning purposes as it allows students to study both pendulum and gravity principles.

Inertia Apparatus Products for Science Education

Known as ball and card mass force demonstrator.

GSC Inertial Balance

Demonstrate Newton's First Law. The GSC Inertial Balance allows for the measurement of the inertial mass of an object.

Archimedes Balance Set Products for Science Education

Determine the mass, volume and density of small solid objects or mineral specimens.

Speed of the Bubble Products for Science Education

Teach students how to set up an experiment and record results.

Plumb Bob Products for Science Education

Be well prepared for pendulum demonstrations.

American Scientific Bernoulli Bag Products for Science Education

Helps explore Bernoulli's principle of air pressure.

Pendulum Clamp Products for Science Education

Usual for experiments.

American Scientific Large Acrylic Pendulum Wave Demonstration Products for Science Education

Uses kinetic energy to create art display.

The Young Scientists Club™ Kit 36: Famous Scientists and Their Experiments Products for Science Education

Students recreate the experiments of famous scientists.

American Educational Products Demonstration Pendulum Products for Science Education

Observe the principles of the pendulum, as well as acceleration due to gravity.

Large Archimedes Principle Products for Science Education

Great for class demonstrations

Linked Springs, Series and Parallel Products for Science Education

Combine springs to investigate Hooke's Law.