Thermo Scientific™ Growth Chamber and Mobile Stand Products for Science Education

Versatile, programmable growth chamber is perfect for plants, animals and cultures.

3B Scientific™ Glass Prism Products for Science Education

30-60-90° prism measures index of refraction

3B Scientific™ Equilateral Glass Prism Products for Science Education

High-quality glass for use in high-precision dispersion experiments.

3B Scientific™ Smokers Foul Mouth Display Products for Science Education

Displays variety of harmful effects caused to mouth by cigarette smoking.

3B Scientific™ Clem's Phlegm Display Products for Science Education

Demostrates consequences of smoking.

3B Scientific™ Magnetic Field Lines Demonstrator Products for Science Education

Use with an overhead projector to demonstrate the presence of magnetic field lines.

EISCO Gypsum Mineral Specimen Products for Science Education

For use in study of cleavage and fracture as example of imperfect cleavage planes. EISCO Gypsum Mineral Specimen often forms from evaporating lakes. Crystals grow in soft, wide sheets, but is also commonly found filling veins and fractures in other rocks.

EISCO Slate Specimen (Metamorphic Rock) Products for Science Education

For use in metamorphic classification and identification exercises. EISCO Slate Specimen (Metamorphic Rock) forms from compression of shale. Though slate is denser, it retains the fissile properties of shale, making distinguishing between the two useful a

3B Scientific™ Teeth in Tobacco Juice Products for Science Education

Demostrates effects of smokeless tobacco use.

3B Scientific™ Torso with Head, 12-Part Products for Science Education

An economical life-size torso.

3B Scientific™ CPRLillyPro™ Models Products for Science Education

Reliable tool for professional CPR training courses.

3B Scientific™ Mr. Dip Lip™ Products for Science Education

Show effects of dipping on inner lip, gums, and teeth.

3B Scientific™ Training Model for Female Condom (dark skin) Products for Science Education

Used for demonstrating and learning insertion of female condom

EISCO Giant Dental Care Model Products for Science Education

Three times life size model for showing proper dental hygiene.

EISCO Quartzite Specimen (Metamorphic Rock) Products for Science Education

For use in comparing with sandstone and metamorphic classification exercises. EISCO Quartzite Specimen (Metamorphic Rock) is formed by applying significant pressure to sandstone. Because of its durable nature, quartzite is often used in paleoclimate studi

3B Scientific™ Mini-Musculature Figure Model Products for Science Education

One-quarter life-size with full-size value.

3B Scientific™ Human Skull Model with Cleft Jaw and Palate Products for Science Education

One-part skull depicts a male with severe malformation of the left skull half with cleft jaw and palate.

EISCO Fly Wheel, Metal 20cm Dia.

The EISCO Fly Wheel, Metal 20cm Dia is mounted on a horizontal shaft and is held in with ball bearings.

EISCO Inclination and Declination of Magnetic Needle Products for Science Education

To demonstrate the Earth's magnetic field and illustrate the “Thumb Rule”.

EISCO Halite Mineral Specimen Products for Science Education

For use in classroom for teaching students about cleavage planes and how evaporate deposits form. EISCO Halite Mineral Specimen is a soft, white to translucent mineral that grows into cleavable cubes.

3B Scientific™ Smoked Lung Products for Science Education

Shows effect of cigarette smoking on lungs.

3B Scientific™ ORTHObones Human Ulna Models Products for Science Education

Resembles real human bone in terms of form and characteristics.

3B Scientific™ Teltron ESR/NMR Basic Set

For investigating electron spin resonance and nuclear magnetic resonance.

EISCO Model Human Teeth Set of 16 Products for Science Education

Set of 16 teeth cast in break resistant material having accurate anatomical details.

Horseshoe Magnets Products for Science Education

Chrome steel, with keepers.

3B Scientific™ Beauchene 22-Part Adult Human Skull Model Products for Science Education

Can be disassembled into 22 individual bones.

3B Scientific™ Pessary Kit Products for Science Education

For gynecology trainers.

EISCO Pathology Model, Hypertension Products for Science Education

Shows damage from high blood pressure Removable organs for closer study.