Thermo Scientific™ Smart-Vue™ Client Server Software

Automate monitoring of vital laboratory equipment parameters with Thermo Scientific™ Smart-Vue™ Client Server Software and enjoy greater peace of mind.

Alfa Aesar™ Optical Windows

Available in different materials and dimensions

Bean Germination Plastomount Products for Science Education

Study the five stages of bean growth. The Bean Germination Plastomount has all five stages mounted together and includes an instructional illustration.

Sheep Heart, Bisected, Plastomount Products for Science Education

Demonstrate the various structures of a sheep's heart. The Sheep Heart, Bisected, Plastomount is a valuable educational resource that shows atriums, ventricles, valves, papillary muscles, interventricular septum and aorta.

Fisher Science Education™ Sand Products for Science Education

Commonly used in the science classroom.

Fisherbrand™ Laboratory Carts Products for Science Education

Transport a variety of lab supplies, equipment and containers. Fisherbrand™ Laboratory Carts come fully-assembled from the factory and have a five-year warranty.

Fully Labelled Sponge Collection Products for Science Education

Teach the diversity of Phylum Porifera. The Fully Labelled Sponge Collection features a large variety of specimens for examination.

Frog Development Plastomount Products for Science Education

Demonstrate the development of frogs. The Frog Development Plastomount is a perfect companion piece to help educate students on the development from egg, to tadpole, tadpole (2-leg stage) and adult phases.

Vermiculite for Kits Products for Science Education

For use in the science classroom or with kits.

Comparative Brains Plastomount Products for Science Education

Demonstrate differences in brain structure. The Comparative Brains Plastamount displays fish, amphibian, reptile, bird and mammal brains mounted together.

Animal Kingdom I Set Products for Science Education

Observe the diversity of the animal kingdom. The Animal Kingdom I set includes a variety of species, as well as an identification key.

Fisherbrand™ Algae Basic Slide Set Products for Science Education

Wonderful basic slide set.

Owl Pellets and Common Prey Preparation Products for Science Education

Identify skulls and mandibles of 5 mammal prey usually contained in an owl's diet. The Owl Pellets and Common Prey Preparation display also features a complete owl pellet and a partially opened owl pellet.

Fisher Scientific™ Classroom Periodic Charts Products for Science Education

Two-color charts conform to the recommendations of the IUPAC.

Fisherbrand™ Globally Harmonized System Warning Pictogram Poster Products for Science Education

Explains the nine Physical, Health and Environmental Hazard pictograms as part of the GHS system of classification/labelling of chemicals.