Educational Videos

Bugs of the Underworld DVD Products for Science Education

Shows the real lives of benthic macroinvertebrates in the wild.

Science FUNdamentals DVDs Products for Science Education

Creative videos correlated to national standards.

American Educational Products Recycling Videolab™ DVD Products for Science Education

View Videolab and perform hands-on activities that focus on renewable and nonrenewable resources.

TMW Media Tell Me Why Video and DVD Series Products for Science Education

Exciting, in-depth instructional series in thirty-one fun filled volumes.

The High School Chemistry Student Survival Series, VHS Video Products for Science Education

Eight hours of essential chemistry instruction recorded on video tape.

Electricity and Electrical Safety DVD Products for Science Education

Covers the basics of electricity.

Physical Geography Series DVDs Products for Science Education

Informative and engaging presentations to introduce science and geography units

TMW Media Workshop Safety Series DVD Products for Science Education

For high school beginners who have little or no experience working in a workshop environment.

TMW Media The Solar System - A New Look Products for Science Education

Real motivation because it gives the student a different view of the planets and all its characteristics.

GSC International Hybrid Smart Science Projectile Launcher Products for Science Education

Hands-On Demonstration and Video Lab for use in experiments with trajectories.

TMW Media EZ Math Trix Series Products for Science Education

Improve your math skills in minutes.

TMW Media Understanding Science Series Products for Science Education

Presents difficult scientific concepts in an easy to understand format.

TMW Media The Geography Tutor Video and DVD Series Products for Science Education

Fascinating series which targets the specific and critical geographic areas by educators.

GSC International Hybrid Smart Science Inertial Balance Products for Science Education

Allows measurement of inertial mass. (as opposed to gravitational mass for regular balance)

Life Human Body Series Products for Science Education

Eight titles available individually or as set

GSC International Hybrid Smart Science Electrolysis Kit Products for Science Education

Used to hydrolyze water and other compounds.

GSC International Hybrid Smart Science Heat Radiation Kit Products for Science Education

Used for experiment with heat absorbtion based on color spectrum.  

GSC International Hybrid Smart Science Magnet Cannon Products for Science Education

Demonstrates principals of conservation of energy and momentum showing properties of magnetism.

WGBH Global Warming - Whats Up with the Weather DVD Products for Science Education

Gives details about global warming.

TMW Media Cool Space Stuff: Delivering Destiny Products for Science Education

An international Space Station and Space Shuttle documentary, which looks at building and maintaining human life in space through ongoing space science exploration projects.

Barn Owls and Their Pellets DVD Products for Science Education

Live action video teaches students about owls, their pellets and their habits.

NOVA™ Cuttlefish: Kings of Camouflage DVD Products for Science Education

The real underwater masters of disguise

Neo-SCI™ Chemistry Fundamentals and Techniques CD-ROM Products for Science Education

Collection of Master Fundamental Concepts and Techniques!

TMW Media The Changing Universe Products for Science Education

Accurate, informative and entertaining video.

GSC International Hybrid Smart Science Conductivity Kit Products for Science Education

Provides visual demonstration of conductive properties of variety of liquids.