Environmental Science Educational Materials

Edvotek™ Environmental Toxicity Response in C. elegans Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

In this experiment, students will observe and compare the effects of heavy metals found in the environment on normal and mutant strains of Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans). Edvotek™ Environmental Toxicity Response in C. elegans Experiment Kit contains five LIVE materials.

D-Net with Expandable Pole Products for Science Education

Bag attached to metal frame with clamp rings.

Student-Grade Kick-Net Products for Science Education

This robust net is ideal for student macroinvertebrate collection.

LaMotte™ The GLOBE Program Equipment: Soil Characterization Kit Products for Science Education

Test kit teaches students soil characterization and its real-world applications

LaMotte™ The GLOBE Program Equipment: Hydrology Kits Products for Science Education

Test kits teach the real-world applications of hydrology

LaMotte™ Dissolved Oxygen Kit Products for Science Education Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Learn how to conduct oxygen-level tests for plants and animals.

Bottom Sampling Dredge Products for Science Education

Collect river bottom samples easily.

Shallow Water Outfit Products for Science Education

Turbidity in shallow water is no problem using this standardized reagent.

LaMotte™ Shore Tour Products for Science Education

Living responsibly on the edge of the ocean.

United Scientific Supplies Secchi Disk

For water clarity measurements.

Kick-Net Products for Science Education

Strong net designed for rapid bioassessments.

LaMotte™ Wide Range pH Test Kit Products for Science Education

Two octet comparators.

United Scientific Supplies Chemistry Hardware Assortment Kit Products for Science Education

Includes laboratory hardware most often used in general chemistry labs.

Marine Science Outfit Products for Science Education Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Learn about saline systems and brackish water.

Do Landfills Really Work? Products for Science Education

Build your own mini-landfill and investigate the biodegradability of various wastes in a sanitary versus an open configuration.

American Educational Products Geological Dynamics Stream Table Products for Science Education

Learn how nature and human beings impact the flow and quality of the Earth's water supply.

Science First™ Solar Hot Water Demo Products for Science Education

Shows how the sun heats water.

Lab-Aids™ Ecological Succession Kit Products for Science Education

Provides an active learning alternative to passive methods of studying ecological succession. Lab-Aids™ Ecological Sucession allows students to experience the stages of succession in a fun game set-up.

Ocean Activity Model Products for Science Education

View the impact of temperature and salt on ocean circulation.

Fracking Model Products for Science Education

Shows the controversial method in a simple, noncontroversial way.

NewPath Learning™ What are Ecosystems? Multimedia Lesson Products for Science Education

Exploring pond, forest and desert virtual ecosystems for grades 3 to 5.

Lab-Aids™ Decomposition Kits Products for Science Education

Help your students understand biodegradability and decomposition and the effects of various factors on each.

Science First™ Fieldmaster™ Plankton Kit Products for Science Education

For general sorting and identification of collected zooplankton and phytoplankton.

Lab-Aids™ Reading River Sediments: A Simulated Mineral Exploration Activity Products for Science Education

Trace minerals to their source by reading river sediments. Lab-Aids™ Reading River Sediments: A Simulated Mineral Exploration Activity is an engaging kit that provides a series of hands on activities allowing students to apply key earth concepts.

Current Flow Activity Model Products for Science Education

Great tool for density and weather studies.

Fieldmaster™ AquaVue™ Products for Science Education

Place one end of the tube below the water surface to improve the visibility of aquatic plant and animal life as well as Secchi disc studies.