Models and Model Making Supplies

3B Scientific™ Student Torso with Head, 16-Part Products for Science Education

Numbered parts and correlated key.

EISCO Model Upper Triple Root Molar with Caries 15 times Full size - 6 Parts Products for Science Education

Longitudinal section through crown, 2 roots and pulp cavity.

3B Scientific™ MICROanatomy™ Digestive System Products for Science Education

Illustrates the structure of fine tissues of the digestive system.

Eisco™ Human Eye Demonstration Model Products for Science Education

Shows both sides of an eye at an enlarged view of five times.

3B Scientific™ Hare Skeleton ((Lepus europaeus) Products for Science Education

Mounted in a plastic showcase for easy display in the classroom.

EISCO Kidney Section 3X Life Size Products for Science Education

Longitudinal section of the right kidney is enlarged 3 times life size for easy study.

EISCO Model Standing Urinary Products for Science Education

3D model of male urinary system and its blood supply is free standing, enabling study from all aspects.

EISCO Giant Dental Care Model Products for Science Education

Three times life size model for showing proper dental hygiene.

3B Scientific™ MICROanatomy™ Liver Products for Science Education

Study the liver in detail.

3B Scientific™ Median Section of the Head and Neck Products for Science Education

Sectioned view aids in learning structure location.

3B Scientific™ ORTHObones Human Femur Models Products for Science Education

Resembles human bone in terms of form and characteristics.

3B Scientific™ Replacement Block for SONOtrain™ Gallbladder Model

The material of the SONOtrain trainer simulates the feel of real soft tissue for carrying out palpations and injections and shows realistic texture and echogenicity on ultrasound images.

EISCO Human Kidney Model with Adrenal Gland, Two Parts Products for Science Education

Review the internal structures in the kidney

3B Scientific™ Heavy-Duty Dust Cover for Skeletons Products for Science Education

Suitable for all full-size skeletons and stand versions.

3B Scientific™ Kidney, Nephron, and Glomerulus Master Series™ Products for Science Education

Three durable, plastic models mounted on a base allow study of the kidney, nephron and glomerulus.

3B Scientific™ Kidney Stone Model Products for Science Education

Helpful for teaching about kidney stones and urinary stones.

EISCO ™ Torso with Interchangeable Sex Organs Model, 24 Parts Products for Science Education

Dual sex model detailing human upper body anatomy with open back.

EISCO Model Human Teeth Set of 16 Products for Science Education

Set of 16 teeth cast in break resistant material having accurate anatomical details.

3B Scientific™ Classic Flexible Spine Model Products for Science Education

Fully flexible and designed for hands-on demonstrations.

3B Scientific™ MICROanatomy™ Kidney Products for Science Education

Extremely detailed model shows the morphologic/functional units of the kidney.

3B Scientific™ Half of Head and Neck Products for Science Education

See both internal and external features.

3B Scientific™ ORTHObones Human Tibia Models Products for Science Education

Resembles human bone in terms of form and characteristics.

3B Scientific™ Eye Model, Six Part Products for Science Education

Dissects into sclera with cornea and eye muscle attachments, choroid with iris and retina, lens and vitreous humour. 3B Scientific&trade Eye model, Six Part is three times full size for optimal 


3B Scientific™ Flexible Spine Model with Soft Intervertebral Discs

Demonstrate pathological conditions of the spine. The 3B Scientific™ is able to show how the discs deform during normal and abnormal positioning.

Fisher Science Education Mitosis Model Products for Science Education

Individual models representing mitosis of general animal cell.

3B Scientific™ Nervous System Products for Science Education

This nervous system relief model shows a schematic representation of the central and peripheral nervous system.