Models and Model Making Supplies

3B Scientific™ Heart Model, 3/4 Full-Sized, Two-Part Products for Science Education

The heart's major functions and structures are numbered for easy memorization.

3B Scientific™ Kidney, Nephron, and Glomerulus Master Series™ Products for Science Education

Three durable, plastic models mounted on a base allow study of the kidney, nephron and glomerulus.

EISCO Animal Cell Division - Meiosis Model Products for Science Education

Displays different stages in meiotic cell division.

3B Scientific™ Flexible Human Skeleton Model - Fred Products for Science Education

Medical-grade, natural-cast skeleton suitable for instructional and chiropractical demonstrations.

Eisco™ Amoeba Model Products for Science Education

Model of Amoeba with organelles exposed.

3B Scientific™ Deluxe Human Skeleton Products for Science Education

Medical-grade skeleton works for both instructional illustration and chiropractical demonstration.

3B Scientific™ Pelvic Cavity (Urinary System) Products for Science Education

The deluxe brain is a a great tool for education on the human nervous system and anatomy of the brain. The brain is delivered on a removable base.

EISCO Human Larynx Model, Three Parts Products for Science Education

Dissectable into three parts for detailed anatomical studies.

Eisco™ Paramecium Model Numbered Products for Science Education

Model of Paramecium with organelles exposed.

EISCO Human Skin Model - 70X Life Size - Numbered Products for Science Education

Human Skin Model is numbered for study.

EISCO Model L.H. Tapeworm Products for Science Education

Model showing comparison between Tapeworm and Taenia solium scolex.

EISCO Human Eye, 5X Enlarged, 6 part, Dissectable Products for Science Education

The 6-part human eye model (magnified 5x) is a very highly detailed demonstration of the human eye.

EISCO Male Rat Dissection Model Products for Science Education

Internal dissection of a male rat showing important exterior and interior parts.

3B Scientific™ Animal Cell Model Products for Science Education

Shows form and structure of a typical animal cell as viewed from an electron microscope.

EISCO Human Ovary Model Products for Science Education

Anatomically accurate representation of female reproductive organs.

EISCO Female Rat Dissection Model Products for Science Education

For students to study female rat anatomy including internal parts.

3B Scientific™ Baby Care Model

Baby-doll is ideal for training the main principals of baby care at school and in preparation courses for young parents.

3B Scientific™ Physiology of Nerves Series Products for Science Education

Five magnetic models on illustrated metal board.

3B Scientific™ Shoulder Joint with Rotator Cuff Products for Science Education

Five-piece model teaches about the shoulder and rotator cuff.

EISCO Human Head, Median Section Products for Science Education

Allows students to study the detailed median section of the human head.

EISCO Human Fetal Model, Seven Stages Products for Science Education

Cross-sectional pelvic model demonstrates the major stages of child birth.

3B Scientific™ Three-Part Female Pelvis with Ligaments Products for Science Education

Represents an original cast of a bony female pelvis, which shows all details of anatomical structures

3B Scientific™ Muscular Arm Products for Science Education

Six-part, three-quarter life-size left arm to study musculature.

3B Scientific™ Classic Flexible Spine Model Products for Science Education

Fully flexible and designed for hands-on demonstrations.

3B Scientific™ Functional Joint Models Products for Science Education

Life-size, vinyl plastic ligamented joint models simulate actual joint movement.