Vacuum and Pressure Education Products

3B Scientific™ Kinetic Theory of Gas Model Products for Science Education

For demonstration of the kinetic theory of gases and thinning of air as altitude increases.

Kinetic Theory Model Products for Science Education

Demonstrates molecular activity in gases.

EISCO Bourdon Gauge Products for Science Education

The gauge is circular having overall dia. of 100mm.

Boyle's Law Apparatus, Demonstration Type Products for Science Education

Wide-bore glass tube is closed at top and mounted on a scale.

EISCO Boyle's Law Demonstration Apparatus, Simple Form Products for Science Education

Show the effects of volume on pressure with this easy-to-use device.

3B Scientific™ Baroscope Products for Science Education

Beam balance on base with suspended polystyrene ball and adjustable counterweight for demonstrating buoyancy on a body due to atmospheric pressure.

Eisco™ Plastic Magdeburg Hemisphere With Valve, 4.25 in. Diameter Products for Science Education

The Eisco™ Plastic Magdeburg Hemisphere With Valve, 4.25 in. Diameter features a convenient valve for easy operation and release.

Metal Magdeburg Hemispheres Products for Science Education

Magdeburg hemispheres are closer to the original version than the plastic or rubber models.

GSC International BOYLE'S Law Deluxe Apparatus

Used to study the basics of Boyle's Law, as well as estimating the atmospheric pressure. It provides a simple way to approach the experimental side of physics and to introduce at sight the concepts of a vacuum, pressure, and density.

Complete Cartesian Diver Kit Products for Science Education

Cartesian diver demonstrates Archimedes' principle of buoyancy.

GSC International Gas Law Demonstration Products for Science Education

Ideal for teaching the relationship between pressure, temperature and volume.

Fire Syringe Products for Science Education

A classic example of the Ideal Gas Law (PV=nRT).

American Educational Products Boyle's Law Apparatus Products for Science Education

Classic form consists of a funnel tube and stopcock tube connected by flexible latex tubing.

GSC Intenational Boyle's Law Tube Products for Science Education

Used to teach concepts of Boyle's Law.

Boyle's Law and Absolute Zero Products for Science Education

Visualize the basic relationshiop between pressure, volume, and temperature of gases.

Manometers Products for Science Education

Ideal for use in lab, field or factory.

Vacuum Plate Products for Science Education

High quality for years of classroom use.

Vacuum Meter Products for Science Education

Portable meter for absolute vacuum pressure measurements.

Magdeburg Hemisphere Products for Science Education

Great demonstration of air pressure and vacuums.

Water Hammer Products for Science Education

Demonstrate properties of a vacuum

Elasticity of Gases Kit Products for Science Education

Demonstrates Boyle's Law

GSC Manometer Lecture Table Demonstration Products for Science Education

Demonstrates effects of pressure on liquids and gases.

Bell in a Vacuum Products for Science Education

Shows that sound waves won't travel through a vacuum.

Datalogging Manometer Products for Science Education

Ideal for making low differential pressure measurements—and recording every one.

Buzzer in a Vacuum Products for Science Education

A great traditional experiment.

American Educational Products Demonstration Manometer Products for Science Education

Measure pressure in laboratory gas lines.

Gas Law Apparatus Products for Science Education

Verify both Boyle's Law and Charles' Law to a high degree of accuracy.