Fermentors and Bioreactors

Wheaton™ Cell Optimizer System™ Sampler with Plug Valve, 30.5cm/12 in.

Designed to work with the 1 or 3L flasks. Wheaton Cell Optimizer System™ Sampler with Plug Valve is supplied with a plug valve to maintain vessel sterility during sampling.

Wheaton™ Mini-Pilot Plant™ System: Sampler

Sampler for Mini-Pilot Plant systems

Wheaton™ Cell Optimizer System™ 125W Heating Pad, 5 x 5 in.

Maintains temperature without the need for an incubator. The Wheaton Cell Optimizer System™ 125W Heating Pad features a European plug.

Wheaton™ Mini-Pilot Plant™ System: Cold Finger

Cold finger for Mini-Pilot Plant systems

Wheaton™ Overdrive™ 10L Flask with 6 Sidearms

Dimpled-bottom 10L vessel with (6) 45mm sidearms for probes, tubes, stirrers and homogenizers.

Wheaton™ Mini-Pilot Plant™ System: Heating Wraps

Heating wraps for Mini-Pilot Plant systems

Sartorius™ BIOSTAT A™ Standard Equipment Packages, for Microbial Fermentation

Entry-level bioreactor/fermenter ideal for educational purposes