Air Sampling Monitors Passive

3M™ Organic Vapor Monitors

Lightweight, self-contained monitors record time-weighted average (TWA) vapor concentrations in factories and industrial, histology, cytology, and clinical labs

3M™ Formaldehyde Monitor

Complies with OSHA formaldehyde standard

3M™ Ethylene Oxide Monitor

No batteries, hoses, pumps or equipment to calibrate

Morphix Technologies ChromAir™ Passive Sampling Badges

Built-in scale features six dose ranges. Morphix Technologies ChromAir Passive Sampling Quantitative Badges provide a cost-effective means of sampling for gases and vapors and are ideal for personnel and area monitoring.

Morphix Technologies SafeAir™ Detection Badges

Single-level screening badges provide economical daily exposure monitoring.

Morphix Technologies Color Comparators for ChromAir™ Passive Sampling Systems

Use with ChromAir badge to determine the exact dose of a specific contaminant present in the workplace.

Morphix Technologies Color Comparators for SafeAir™ Detection Badges

Use to determine the exact exposure dose indicated on a SafeAir badge.

Sper Scientific™ Oxygen Pen with ATC Products for Science Education

Easily portable and designed for simple, one-hand operation.