Eyewash and Shower Fixture Accessories

Honeywell™ Fendall Saline Cartridge for Pureflow 1000 and 2000 Eyewash Stations

Sterile Saline Cartridge for Sperian Fendall Pureflow 1000 and 2000 Emergency Eyewash Stations

Honeywell™ Fendall Saline Refill Bottles for Wall Stations Get IT Item

Use as refills for wall-mounted stations or individually

First Safety™ Shower Tester

Includes everything needed to flow-test overhead emergency showers

Bradley™ Drench Shower Tester

Provides a convenient way to comply with ANSI specifications for weekly testing on all drench showers without getting wet

Honeywell™ Sperian™ Fendall™ Refill Cartridges for Emergency Eyewash Stations

Offers unmatched safety in the workplace. Sperian™ Honeywell™ Fendall™ Refill Cartridges for Emergency Eyewash Stations deliver a preserved, buffered, pH balanced solution.

Haws™ Chrome-Plated Brass Ball Valve With Flag, Self-Draining

Haws™ Chrome-Plated Brass Ball Valve With Flag, Self-Draining is equipped with a stainless steel ball and stem.

Bradley™ On-site Waste Cart

Provides transportation and waste collection

Bradley™ Sprayhead Dust Cover

Keep your Bradley sprayhead clean with this dustcover.

Haws™ Shower Test Kit

Haws™ Shower Test Kit is for use with emergency showers

Haws™ Curtain

Haws™ Curtain is designed to be used with 3-sided free standing combination emergency drench shower and eye/face wash units

Bradley™ Eyewash Dust Cover

Keep your eyewash surface clean with the Bradley Eyewash Dust Cover.

Honeywell™ Water Preservative

For use with the Fendall Porta Stream I, II, III

Bradley™ Eye and Eye/Face Wash Test Gauge

Convenient for weekly inspections

Haws™ Replacement Dust Covers for Soft-Flo Spray Heads

Fit ball type Soft-Flo spray heads.

Honeywell™ Sperian™ Waste Water Cart

Allows easy collection of used eyewash flushing fluid

First Safety™ Modesty Curtains

Provide privacy during emergencies

Fisherbrand™ Deck Mounted Eyewash Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Fisherbrand™ Deck Mounted Eyewash is meant to be mounted on a counter next to a sink.

Bradley™ Barrier-Free Vertical-Supply Drench Shower Accessory, Ball Valve

Durable brass fixture for use with drench shower.

Bradley™ Stay-Open Ball Valve

This stay-open ball valve is for use with a Bradley eyewash station.

Bradley™ On-Site Gravity-Fed Eyewash Replacement Parts

Replacement part, used with Bradley eyewash units.