Spill Control Infectious Materials

Safetec Red-Z™ Biohazard Fluid Control Powders Get IT Item

For safe cleanup of spills of bodily fluids

Safetec Universal Precaution Kit Get IT Item

A safe and cost-effective system for the clean-up of potentially infectious and harmful blood and body fluid spills

Safetec™ Zorb Sheets Get IT Item

Absorbs and encapsulates spills containing 3% or more water

Safetec EZ Cleans™ Kit Get IT Item

Kit to minimize cross-contamination

Genlantis™ StainEx™ Destaining Bags

For extraction of ethidium bromide from solution

Covidien Durasorb™ Underpads

Fluff core provides heavy incontinent protection

Direct Bio-Wipe Containment System Products for Science Education

For simple, fast and complete cleanup and containment of infectious or hazardous spills