PAPR Cartridges and Filters

Cartridges for 3M™ 6000 Series Respirators Get IT Item

Respiratory protection for workers

3M™ 7800S Series Full Facepiece Respirator Accessory, Cartridge Filter Adapter 701

Replacement part for 7800S Series full-facepiece respirators

3M™ Particulate Filter 2071, P95 Respiratory Protection

For use with 3M Reusable Respirators

3M™ Versaflo™ PAPR System Filters and Cartridges

Compatible with powered air purifying respirators in the TR-300 and TR-600 Series

3M™ 2076HF Hydrogen Fluoride/P95 Particulate Filters

With Nuisance Level† Acid gas Relief

North S-Series N99 Particulate Filters

For use with Survivair™ S-Series Respirators

3M™ Responder Filter Media Cartridge

Filters tear gases and pepper spray, organic vapor, H2S, formaldehyde and acid gas

3M™ Belt-Mounted and Vehicle-Mounted PAPR System Accessory, Cartridges

Choose from a large selection of cartridges for powered air purifying respirators used in a variety of industrial environments

3M™ P100 Particulate Filters (2000 Series) Get IT Item

For oil- and non-oil applications

North Compact Air Powered Air-Purifying Respirators: HEPA Filter

For Air powered air purifying respirator systems

3M™ P100 Particulate Filter (Style 7093)

Especially suitable for asbestos abatement applications

3M™ Breathe Easy™ 12 Bio Conversion Kit, Large

Easily convert your current Breathe Easy Powered Air Purifying Respirator systems that uses the BE-10BR Butyl Rubber Hood and the FR-57 cartridge for chemical protection with the BE 12 Biokit.

3M™ Adflo™ PAPR Accessory, Prefilter

For use with high-efficiency particulate respiratory protection for welders

Honeywell S-Series N95 Filter Pads

Designed with screw-on (threaded) connection for easy tightening of cartridge on seal