Janitorial Sponges and Scrubbers

3M™ Scotch-Brite™ Heavy Duty Scouring Pad 86

Open construction pad with tough fibers and abrasives for heavy duty cleaning jobs

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Cleanware™ Stainless-Steel Glassware Sponge/Scrubber

Cleans glassware and stainless steel without scratching

Vileda Professional™ O-Cedar ™ Scrunge Heavy Duty Scrubber Sponge

Scour away tough dirt, grease and grime with this heavy-duty cleaning sponge. The rippled scrubber surface rinses clean versus traditional scrubbers that trap and collect dirt.

Vileda Professional™ O-Cedar ™ Scrunge No Scratch Scrubber Sponge

The powerful, yet gentle Scrunge™ cleaning sponge uses the only patented durable non-scratch scrubbing surface recommended by Teflon™ quality tested nonstick coatings

Advantus Texwipe™ Tape Head Wipes

Safely remove oxide buildup and particulates from tape transport systems

3M™ High-Productivity Floor Stripping Pads

Remove old floor finish, dirt build-up

Remco™ Scrub Pads, Medium

For cleaning stubborn dirt and grime on walls.

Remco™ Color-Coded Coarse Scrub Pad

Remco™ Color-Coded Coarse Scrub Pad is tough on stubborn dirt and grime when cleaning floors.

Foamtec ScrubCLEAN™ Abrasive Sponges

For cleaning hardened residues off scratch sensitive tools and components

3M™ Scotch-Brite™ Light Duty Cleansing Pad

Soft, non-woven fibers and mild abrasive gently, but thoroughly, clean most surfaces.

Vileda Professional™ O'Cedar™ Dual Action Microfiber and Mesh Pad

O'Cedar™ Dual Action Microfiber and Mesh Pad

Remco™ Vikan™ Cleaning Pad Holder

Remco™ Vikan™ Cleaning Pad Holder for cleaning underneath equipment and scrubbing stubborn dirt on walls, tanks, and floors.

Foamtec Stainless Steel Corrosion Remediation Kits

Enable technicians to quickly remediate corrosion using a polishing and cleaning process that is fully compatible with cleanroom operations

Foamtec ScrubWRIGHT™ Chamber Cleaning Tool

For cleaning small, hard to reach areas

Foamtec Fixed VAT Valve Heads

Chamber cleaning tools

Foamtec ErgoSCRUB™ Scrubbing Tool

Soft ergonomic scrubbing tool for implant tools, ceramic domes, Novellus heater blocks, and large vacuum chambers

Foamtec ErgoWRENCH™ Vacuum Chamber Scrubbing Tools: Foam Grip

Foam grip for use with ErgoWRENCH Vacuum Chamber Scrubbing Tool

Foamtec UltraSOLV™ Sponge

For use with UltraSOLV™ ScrubPADs on wet cleans

Foamtec ErgoWRENCH™ Vacuum Chamber Scrubbing Tools: Heads

For safer and more efficient scrubbing of hard to reach areas throughout vacuum chambers

Remco™ Vikan™ Handheld Cleaning Pad Holder

Remco™ Vikan™ Handheld Cleaning Pad Holder can be used with one of three types of pads to clean stainless steel, floors, and walls.

Foamtec ErgoWRENCH™ Vacuum Chamber Scrubbing Tools: Handles

Handles for use with ErgoWRENCH Vacuum Chamber Scrubbing Tool

Foamtec AMAT XGEN PM Kit

For cleaning critical surfaces

Foamtec Vat Valve PM™ Head Tool

For vat valves, beam-Lines, pump-ports, chamber throats