Vacuum Cleaners

Nilfisk™ GM 80CR Cleanroom Vacuum

Lightweight, portable and quiet, the GM 80CR is perfect for use in cleanrooms, research labs and other critical environments. Four-stage filtration system includes a 2 1/4-gallon paper bag, main filter, microfilter and ULPA exhaust filter. A conductive hose and accessories provide ESD protection.

Minuteman™ X829 Series HEPA Vacuums Non-distribution product as customer accommodation.

Safe, easy-to-use vacuum for difficult dry and wet cleaning jobs

Nilfisk™ Replacement Parts for Nilfisk™ Vacuums Get IT Item

For use with Nilfisk-Advance Vacuums

Minuteman™ Lead Vacuum Non-distribution product as customer accommodation.

HEPA-filtered vacuum recovers lead, dust, paint chips, and other hazardous materials

Honeywell™ Sperian™ Survivair Salvage-Master™ Wet Vaccum Unit

Efficient wet vacuum unit designed for quick pick up and disposal of water and debris

Minuteman™ Mercury Recovery Vacuum Systems Non-distribution product as customer accommodation.

Safely recover mercury, mercury vapors, and mercury-contaminated particulates

BrandTech™ VACUU·LAN Mini-Network

Use for preventing cross-contamination

Nilfisk™ ULPA Filter for Nilfisk™ Vacuums

Replacement ULPA exhaust filter cartridge; retains 99.999% @ 0.12 microns

Minuteman™ Flammable Liquid Recovery Vacuum Non-distribution product as customer accommodation.

For safe recovery of jet fuel and hazardous liquids

Air Systems™ Replacement Bags for HEPA Vacuums

For use with AV-2 Series Electric HEPA filtered vacuums

Nilfisk™ VHW321 Industrial Vacuum

Make daily cleaning in production areas and process manufacturing fast and hassle-free. The Nilfisk VHW321 portable vacuum uses conical cartridge filters provide more surface area, extend filter life and resist clogging. To reduce production downtime, users can clean filters with the new PullClean system while the vacuum is in use.

Minuteman™ Allergy Vacuum Non-distribution product as customer accommodation.

Four-stage filtration system contains common allergens

Nilfisk™ 118EXP Explosion-Proof Vacuum

Avoid a major combustible dust explosion. The Nilfisk 118 EXP explosion-proof/dust ignition-proof vacuum is designed for dry material collection and features a 6.6 gallon container.

Nilfisk™ Gore-Tex Main Filter for Nilfisk™ GM 80 Vacuums

Retain 99.995% at 0.33 microns with the Gore-Tex main filter for Nilfisk GM 80 series vacuums.

Nilfisk™ Polyliners for Nilfisk™ GM 80 Vacuums

Polyliner collection bags for Nilfisk GM 80 series vacuums, 2-mil thickness

Nilfisk™ Stainless Steel Vapor Vacuum

Capture toxic semiconductor gases and ultrafine particulate. The Nilfisk SS Vapor Vacuum features an impregnated carbon filter cartridge that captures and retains such toxic gases as arsine, phosphine and chlorinated solvent vapors (carbon tetrachloride and chloroform) released during the cleaning of semiconductor process equipment such as molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) chambers, ion implanters and plasma etching machines.

Nilfisk™ Stainless Steel Mercury Vacuum

Recover liquid mercury spills and granular mercury compounds effectively, while adsorbing mercury vapors in the process. The Nilfisk SS Mercury Vacuum utilizes a 31lb. special carbon filter in a handy cartridge that typically has a 5-year service life before requiring replacement.

Nilfisk™ Polyester and Polyurethane Main Filter for Nilfisk™ Vacuums

Polyester and polyurethane star main filter for abrasive materials.

Nilfisk™ VHW311 Industrial Vacuum

Integrate the VHW311 with processing machines to collect fine powder and dust directly from the source. It can be fixed or portable, providing flexibility for processing environments with limited space. Exclusive features include: manual motor starter, vacuum gauge and complete blower cabinet enclosure.