Irwin™ Vise-Grip™ GrooveLock™ Pliers

Quick adjusting Press-N-Slide button quickly adjusts lower jaw up to 50% faster

Excelta™ Needle Nose Pliers

Offers ergonomically designed ESD safe handles

ChannelLock™ GripLock™ Pliers

Special jaw design accommodates many shapes

Excelta™ Flat Nose Pliers

Have ESD-safe handles with cushioned grip

Excelta™ Bent Nose Pliers

For optimized jaw alignment of consumer electronics

ChannelLock™ GripLock™ Tongue and Groove Plier Set

Special jaw shape accommodates many shapes

Irwin™ Vise-Grip™ 8-piece GrooveLock™ Plier Set

ProTouch grips provide extra comfort and reduces hand fatigue when using this plier set

Gerber™ Multi-Plier™ Tool

Tools lock for safety

Excelta™ Round Nose Pliers

For handling very small items

Excelta™ Medium Bent Nose Stainless Steel Pliers

Has dual leaf springs for smooth action

Excelta™ Tube Expanding Pliers

For fittings and connection of flexible tube

ChannelLock™ Tongue and Groove Pliers

Laser hardened right angle teeth grip in all directions

Ampco Safety Adjustable Pliers

With grips for more secure hold

ChannelLock™ Lap Joint Cutting Pliers

Curved diagonal for maximum pulling leverage

Excelta™ Medium Stainless Steel Pliers

Has dual leaf springs for smooth action

Excelta™ Medium Carbon Steel Pliers

For forming component leads

Excelta™ Miniature Pliers

Designed for handling very small items

Excelta™ Chain Nose Pliers

With radiused edges to reduce scratching and marring of delicate leads

Ampco Safety Needle Nose Pliers

Quality needle nose pliers for a safe workplace

Irwin™ Vise-Grip™ Straight Jaw Locking Pliers

Provide maximum contact on flat, square, or hex work

ChannelLock™ Lineman's Pliers

Perfectly mated cutter, heat-treated to hold its edge

ChannelLock™ Box Joint Cutting Pliers

Perfectly mated laser heat-treated cutter

Irwin™ Vise-Grip™ Large Jaw Locking Pliers

Heavy-duty jaw grips around work of all shapes

Stanley™ Proto™ Hi-Leverage Lineman's Pliers

Plastisol™ grips for added comfort

Irwin™ Vise-Grip™ Curved Jaw Locking Pliers

Tremendous pressure on four points of any style nut or bolt