Topical Medicines

Antacid Effervescent Products for Science Education

Contains sodium bicarbonate (50%), citric acid (30-40%) amd acetylsalicylic acid (10%)

Fisher Science Education™ Lab Safety Kits Products for Science Education

Help keep students safe when conducting experiments.

North Personal Protection Towelettes

Economical towelette delivery systems allow outdoor workers to easily apply protection

North Bug X 30 Pump Spray

Protection from nature when working outdoors

North Compact First Aid Kit

Unique two-piece box container is an easy addition to glovebox, luggage, briefcase, or purse

Honeywell North™ Water-Jel Emergency Burn Care: Burn-Jel, Dressings and Facemasks

Honeywell North™ Water-Jel Emergency Burn Care Kit provides quick relief in an emergency. It is ideal for treating injuries to the inner arm, foot instep or other areas where a smaller dressing would be suited.

North Non-Aspirin Pain Relievers

Provide quick relief from headaches, minor pain and discomfort

North First Aid Kit Refills

Use these refill items to restock Fisher Scientific™ first aid kits and unitized North first aid kits

North Water-Jel Burn Kits

Kits include dressings and unit doses of water-soluble Burn Jel™ for treatment of both common “spot” burns as well as larger, more serious burns

North Aspirin Pain Relievers

For temporary relief of minor aches and pains

North Redi-Care First Aid Kits

Lightweight and easy to tote

North Bulk First Aid Kits Get IT Item

Designed for large facilities

North Cough and Cold Relief

Relieve cold and cough discomfort

North Snake Bite Kit

Various medical items to aid in the care of a snake bite victim

North Triple Biotic Ointment

Antibiotic prevents infection due to cuts, burns and abrasions

North Sinus Relief

Relieve sinus and cold discomfort

North O/H Pak First Aid Cabinet Sting Relief Wipes Refill

For temporary relief of pain/itch from minor burns, scrapes, and insect bites