ID Bracelets for Blood Collection

Fisherbrand™ Securline™ Blood Bands

Ideal for use in trauma centers

Precision Dynamics Securline™ BarCode Blood Band with Standard Format Labels

Streamlines blood transfusion process and improves patient safety by reducing human errors related to patient identification

Precision Dynamics Securline™ Blood Band Plus

Large, white data area offers clear and easy readability, helping to reduce medical errors

Typenex Barcode Blood Band for Preprinted Labels

Embodies diverse transfusion processes, while enabling blood banks to deliver the right blood to the right recipient

Typenex™ Blood Recipient Verification System

Ensures accuracy of blood cross-matching procedures

Typenex™ Barcode Blood Band Plus for Preprinted Labels

Used by hundreds of hospitals, now with 5+ days durability

Typenex™ Barcode Bands for Handwriting

Facilitates clear handwring of patient information which is then protected with a shield

Typenex™ Original Blood Bands

Simple patient prompts for handwriting patient information

PDC Healthcare ClearImage™ Alert Bands

Constructed of a unique translucent material for a distinctive look and feel

PDC Healthcare Sentry™ SuperBand™ Alert Bands

Provide maximum security and comfort

PDC Healthcare SecurLink™ Blood Recipient System

Provides positive, immediate identification for cross-matching and charting

Precision Dynamics™ Ident-Alert™ Color Coded Snaps

Accurate patient classification is a snap with Ident-Alert™ Color Coded Snaps

Typenex™ Flexi Band Forms™

Provide perforated inserts for Flexi bands

Typenex™ Flexi Bands

Specially designed for durability, to last for seven or more days

Typenex™ R3 Band

Intended for reattaching or resizing any Typenex barcode blood bands in patients

Typenex™ Flexi 2.1™ Blood Band

Made of a soft, flexible material. Typenex Flexi 2.1 Blood Band offers the necessary durability along with the comfort required for a long-term stay or outpatient scenario.