Brushes and Scrapers for Endocervical Specimen Collection

Fisherbrand™ Cervex-Brush™ Combination

Delivers higher yield of endocervical cells

Fisherbrand™ Cervex-Brush™ Cervical Cell Sampler Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

In one movement, the brush collects all cells essential for tracing the early stages of cervical cancer

Medical Packaging CytoSoft™ Cytology Brush Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Small, smooth brush fibers create a monolayer of cells that enhance interpretation

Medical Packaging Cytology Brush

Use to collect cervical cells for Pap smear and/or STD testing

Puritan™ Cytologic Cell Scrapers

7 in. wood sample scrapers are designed to collect cytological specimens from the cervix for early diagnosis of cervical cancer

Puritan™ Histobrush™ Cytology Collection Device

Tapered Histobrush tip is gentle and reduces discomfort

Fisherbrand™ EndoCervex™-Brush-S

Smaller brush head for pap smear collection

Andwin Scientific Cytology Brushes

For endocervical cell collection in pap smear, chlamydia and HPV testing

Cancer Diagnostics, Inc.™ Inc.-Rovers, Cervex-Brush Original Cervical Broom

Ideal for use in collecting OBGYN specimens for liquid base cytology procedures

Andwin Scientific Cytology Brush

The most popular endocervical, Chlamydia and HPV cell collection brush on the market

Fisherbrand™ EndoCervex™ Cytology Brush

All-polypropylene bristles are stiff, yet flexible and enhance sample control, preventing injury and bleeding

Puritan™ 7 in. Double-Edged Wooden Scraper

Double-ended wooden scraper