Fisherbrand™ Disposable Natural Latex Tourniquets

Smooth surface for easy tying and untying

Fisherbrand™ Latex-Free Disposable Pediatric Tourniquets

Comfortable for children while convenient and flexible for phlebotomists

Medique Medi-First™ Latex Tourniquets

Easy to apply and release.

Dynamic Diagnostics™ Latex-Free Tourniquets

Single use and available in a variety of colors

Cen-Med™ Latex-Free Tourniquets

"Scrubs Blue" color bands are pre-cut for immediate use

Cen-Med™ Latex-free Tourniquets

Cen-Med™ Latex-free Tourniquets are proprietary blend of materials that gives performance of latex but is completely latex-free.

PDC Healthcare Bar Code Blood Bands

For in-patient or out-patient use

Hygenic™ Latex Disposable Tourniquet Straps

Tear-resistant, satin-smooth latex

Graham Professional™ Tourniquet

Latex free tourniquets safeguard against latex allergies and sensitivity

Hygenic HYSYNAL™ Synthetic Rubber Disposable Tourniquet Straps

Contain no latex proteins and provide a safe alternative for latex-sensitive patients

Propper Velket™ Tourniquet

Flexible rubber band is easily applied to any limb