Moore Medical ADC™ Professional Classic Stethoscope

Includes a combination diaphragm/bell chestpiece machined from surgical stainless steel

Moore Medical MooreBrand™ Dual-Head Combination Stethoscope

Proprietary non-chill rim improves acoustic performance up to 50%

Honeywell™ North™ Single Head Stethoscope

Refill for North First Responder Kits

EISCO Micro Plus Stethoscope Products for Science Education

High grade, stainless steel stethoscope for adults. Includes spare ear tips and diaphragm for comfort.

Stethoscope Products for Science Education

Lets children hear their own heartbeats.

3B Scientific™ MDF™ Pulse Time™ Stethoscope Products for Science Education

Provides professionals with efficient and patient-friendly method of monitoring vital signs. The 3B Scientific MDF™ Pulse Time™ Stethoscope with timing apparatus helps medical professionals to maintain eye contact with patients during diagnosis.