Cooling Headwear

Salisbury PRO-AIR™ Arc Flash Hood Cooling System

Arc flash protection hood and cooling system in one easy-to-wear unit

OccuNomix™ MiraCool™ Bandanas

Lightweight neck bandanas with cooling power and the comfort of cotton

OccuNomix™ MiraCool™ Headbands

Fashionable, colorful and cooling headbands designed wider for maximum coverage and cooling power

OccuNomix™ MiraCool™ Tie Hat

For personal cooling

Ergodyne™ Chill-Its™ 6705 Bandana/Headband

Evaporative cooling process keeps you cool

Ergodyne™ Chill-Its™ High Performance Dew Rags

Elastic band provides superior fit

Ergodyne™ Chill-Its™ High Performance Caps

Comfortable alone or under helmet

Ergodyne™ Chill-Its™ Sweatbands

Keeps sweat out of eyes for comfort and safety

Ergodyne™ Chill-Its™ Evaporative Cooling Bandana/Headbands

Cool comfort for 24 to 48 hours when activated in cool water

Ergodyne™ Chill-Its™ Evaporative Cooling Towel

Dampen this advanced PVA polymer material for a towel that's significantly cooler than ambient air.

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Jackson Saftey™ DryBrow™ Sweatband

Porous with a waffle design for maximum absorbency