Biopsy Bags

Fisherbrand™ Nylon Biopsy Bags

Reduce risk of small specimen loss

Epredia™ Nylon Biopsy Bags Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Ensure unrestricted fluid movement around tissue with Epredia™ Nylon Biopsy Bags.

Epredia™ Solvent-Resistant White Biopsy Bags

Solvent-resistant nylon and thin mesh provide, and allow for optimal fluid exchange around the tissue

Bio Plas™ HistoPlas™ Tissue Processing Capsules

The integral lid fits tightly—you never need to worry about losing your tissues

Cen-Med Paper Biopsy Bags

Available in three sizes, these bags are made from porous paper to provide maximum tissue protection at a very affordable price

Cellpath TissueWrap Disposable Biopsy Papers

Specifically designed for processing biopsy specimens. CellPath TissueWrap Disposable Biopsy Papers is cut to a convenient ready to use size. This non-absorbent paper allows fluids to flow through freely whilst retaining small tissue fragments.

Cellpath Acid Resistant Polyester Biopsy Bags

Holds biopsy sample during processing. CellPath Acid Resistant Polyester Biopsy Bags are great alternatives to BioWrap paper and foam biopsy pads. Particularly helpful when collecting endometrial samples from formalin as it can be used as a sieve.

Epredia™ Acid-Resistant Biopsy Bags Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Reduce risk of small specimen loss with Epredia™ Acid-Resistant Biopsy Bags.

Epredia™ Pinch-Opening White Biopsy Bags

Feature an easy to pinch opening that allows for quick specimen insertion while still maintaining sample security. Biopsy Bags are made from solvent-resistant nylon and conveniently packaged, designed to grab and go.