Custom Enzymes and Inhibitors

Tocris™ SGI 1027

DNA methyltransferase inhibitor

Tocris™ 5,7-Dichlorokynurenic acid sodium salt

Sodium salt of 5,7-Dichlorokynurenic acid (Cat. No. 0286). Potent NMDA antagonist, acts at glycine site

Tocris™ SX 011

p38 MAPK inhibitor

Novus Biologicals™ Z-FA-FMK Inhibitor

For use in research applications

Tocris™ Ethacrynic acid - d5

Deuterated ethacrynic acid

Tocris™ Hematoxylin

Dye used to stain cell nuclei

Tocris™ LY 379268 disodium salt

Sodium salt of LY 379268 (Cat. No. 2453); selective group II mGlu receptor agonist

Tocris™ (R)-CR8

Dual cdk1/cdk5 inhibitor; also inhibits CK1

Tocris™ AS 1949490

SH2 domain-containing inositol 5'-phosphatase 2 (SHIP2) inhibitor

Novus Biologicals™ Quinacrine Inhibitor

For use in research applications

Tocris™ API-2

Selective inhibitor of Akt/PKB signaling. Antitumor and antiviral

Tocris™ C 21

Selective PRMT1 inhibitor

Tocris™ Reversan

Selective MRP1 and P-gp inhibitor

Tocris™ Monensin sodium salt

Sodium ionophore; antibacterial agent

Tocris™ 2,3-DCPE hydrochloride

Selectively induces cancer cell apoptosis

Tocris™ Cladribine

Deoxyadenosine analog; pro-apoptotic

Tocris™ Wnt-C59

Highly potent PORCN inhibitor

Tocris™ Abacavir hemisulfate

Reverse transcriptase inhibitor; antiretroviral

Tocris™ BIBO 3304 trifluoroacetate

Highly selective NPY Y1 receptor antagonist

Tocris™ Temsirolimus

mTOR inhibitor; antitumor

Tocris™ BAG 956

Dual PI 3-kinase and PDK1 inhibitor

Tocris™ p38 MAPK Inhibitor Tocriset™

Selection of 3 p38 MAPK inhibitors (Cat. Nos. 1264, 1202 and 1962)

Tocris™ DBM 1285 dihydrochloride

p38 MAPK inhibitor; anti-inflammatory

Novus Biologicals™ Chloroquine Inhibitor

For use in research applications

Tocris™ TRC 051384

Inducer of heat shock protein Hsp70

Tocris™ (RS)-3,5-DHPG

Selective group I mGlu agonist

Tocris™ Vialinin A

Inhibitor of USP4 and USP5/IsoT

Tocris™ CP 376395 hydrochloride

Potent and selective CRF1 antagonist

Tocris™ NPS 2143 hydrochloride

Selective antagonist of the calcium-sensing receptor; orally active calcilytic agent

Tocris™ MRS 2211

Competitive P2Y13 antagonist