Custom Enzymes and Inhibitors

Thermo Scientific™ EpiJET™ Bisulfite Conversion Kit

The EpiJET Bisulfite Conversion Kit is used for an efficient bisulfite modification of DNA for methylation analysis.

Tocris™ Ascomycin

Calcineurin phosphatase inhibitor; analog of FK 506 (Cat. No. 3631)

Tocris™ BVT 948

Non-competitive protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibitor; enhances insulin signaling

Tocris™ CP 376395 hydrochloride

Potent and selective CRF1 antagonist

Tocris™ OGT 2115

Antiangiogenic. Heparanase inhibitor

Tocris™ SIB 1757

Highly selective mGlu5 antagonist

Tocris™ 4E1RCat

Protein translation inhibitor; blocks eIF4F subunit interaction

Novus Biologicals™ Z-FA-FMK Inhibitor

For use in research applications

Tocris™ MaxiPost

Potassium channel modulator; exerts subtype-specific effects

Tocris™ PRT 4165

Inhibitor of Bmi1/Ring1A; blocks histone H2A ubiquitination

Tocris™ TFB-TBOA

High affinity EAAT1 and EAAT2 blocker

Tocris™ STF 118804

NAMPT inhibitor

Tocris™ Pregnanolone

GABAA receptor positive allosteric modulator

Tocris™ PD 161570

Selective FGFR inhibitor

Tocris™ GBR 12909 dihydrochloride

Selective DA uptake inhibitor. Also sigma ligand

Novus Biologicals™ MyD88 Inhibitor Peptide Set

For use in research applications

Tocris™ CYM 5442 hydrochloride

Selective S1P1 receptor agonist

Tocris™ AG 045572

Selective GnRH receptor antagonist

Tocris™ JW 67

Wnt pathway inhibitor; induces degradation of active beta-catenin

Tocris™ E 64

Potent and irreversible cysteine protease inhibitor

Tocris™ SCS

Selective GABAA receptor antagonist; beta1-subunit-selective

Tocris™ DL-AP5 Sodium salt

Sodium salt of DL-AP5 (Cat. No. 0105)

Tocris™ KRCA 0008

Potent Ack1 and ALK dual inhibitor; orally bioavailable

Tocris™ A 987306

Potent and selective H4 receptor antagonist