Specialty Microscope Slides

Fisherbrand™ Hanging Drop Slides

For examining living microorganisms such as bacteria and yeast in hanging drops

Azer Scientific Hematology Analyzer Slide with Thermal Print

Microscope slides for hematology analyzers with thermal print areas

Greiner Bio-One CELLview™ Cell Culture Slides

For cultivation, staining and microscopy of cells. Greiner Bio-One CELLview™ Cell Culture Slides consists of transparent slide with embedded cover glass and black detachable compartmentalisation.

Med Tek Disposo-type Blood Typing Slides Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Permit mixing of blood and typing of sera without spillage

Globe Scientific Quick-Read™ Precision Grid Urinalysis Slide

Globe Scientific Quick-Read™ Precision Grid Urinalysis Slide is designed to provide accuracy, uniformity and safety in the microscopic examination of urinary sediment.

Azer Scientific Hematology Analyzer Slide

Designed for use in automated hematology slide makers

EISCO Concavity Microscope Slides Products for Science Education

Optically flat glass slides.

GSC Go Science Crazy Microslides Single Cavity Dozen Pack Products for Science Education

Pre-cleaned glass slide with ground edges.

Deep-Well Projection Slides Products for Science Education

View specimens by either microscope or projector.