Fall Protection and Confined Space Entry

Honeywell Miller™ Revolution™ DualTech™ Harnesses

Harnesses with DualTech webbing offering safety and functionality with features developed to meet key user needs

Miller™ MightyLite™ Self-Retracting Lifelines

Up to 30% lighter than similar products in their class

Miller™ MiniLite™ Self-Retracting Fall Limiters

Compact, self-retracting lanyard with a braking system activates quickly to limit a free fall

Miller™ Revolution™ Kevlar/Nomex Harnesses wa

Harnesses with Kevlar/Nomex webbing offering safety and functionality with features developed to meet key user needs

Miller™ Black Rhino™ Self-Retracting Lifelines

Small, light 9 ft. (2.7m) cable lifeline

Miller™ SkyORB™ Overhead Rotational Boom Anchor

Pre-engineered boom anchor system that replaces the need for very expensive, custom engineered, fixed overhead anchor systems

3M™ and DEUS™ Oil & Gas Escape and Rescue Kit

Provides safe, simple basis for individual and multi-person escape, assisted rescue, self-rescue, work positioning, travel restraint, and rescue training

Miller™ DuraHoist™ Accessories

For use with DuraHoist Confined Space Systems

Honeywell Miller™ DuraFlex Python Harnesses

Combine stretchable DuraFlex torso straps with lightweight, cushioned shoulder straps for ultimate comfort

Honeywell Miller Bos'n Chair for AirCore™ Harness

For use with AirCore Oil and Gas harnesses

Honeywell Miller™ HP™ Lanyards with SofStop Shock Absorbers

Allow a soft, stable stop in the event of a fall

Miller™ Revolution™ Tower Climbing Harnesses

Designed to meet specific safety and functional needs for climbing towers

Honeywell Miller Turbo T-BAK™ Tie-Back Personal Fall Limiter

To tie-back anywhere along lifeline for 100% tie-off fall protection

Miller™ Temporary Anchorage Connectors

A variety of durable temporary connectors

Honeywell Miller™ DuraFlex™ 650 Series Full-Body Stretchable Harnesses

Feel the difference with specially-formulated elastomer (stretchable) webbing

Miller™ Titan™ Cross-Arm Strap

Secure anchor point for lanyards

Honeywell Miller AirCore™ Oil and Gas Harness with Attached Bos'n Chair

For workers on drilling or service rigs including everyday application in oil fields

3M™ and DEUS™ Tower Escape Kit

Allows for tower worker to be lowered to ground in emergency situations

Honeywell Miller™ Revolution™ Harnesses

Design based on key user-identified needs