Fall Protection and Confined Space Entry

Miller™ Polyester Body Belts

Harness body belts featuring a tongue buckle with 11 grommets

Miller™ Revolution™ Harness Accessories

Attach easily to PivotLink™ connection on harness

Honeywell Miller™ TranScendor™ Cable Climbing Systems

Permanently installed, flexible cable system provides continuous fall protection for climbing fixed ladders

Miller™ Descent Devices

Designed for a variety of applications where smooth, controlled descent from an elevated position is required

Honeywell Miller Twin Turbo™ G2 Connector Kit

For use with Fall Protection Systems

Honeywell Miller™ Cross-Arm Straps

Provides temporary anchorage to overhead support beam for fall protection systems

Honeywell Miller™ Scorpion™ Personal Fall Limiters

Can be used both as a traditional retractable lifeline and as a fall limiter

Honeywell Miller™ Revolution™ DualTech™ Harnesses

Harnesses with DualTech webbing offering safety and functionality with features developed to meet key user needs

Honeywell Miller™ Revolution™ Harnesses

Design based on key user-identified needs

Miller™ Bandit Tool Lanyard

Prevent tools from dropping

Miller™ Equipment Bags For Tools or Tripods

Carrying bag for hoist, winch or self-retracting lifeline (SRL)

Honeywell Miller™ DuraFlex Python Harnesses

Combine stretchable DuraFlex torso straps with lightweight, cushioned shoulder straps for ultimate comfort

Honeywell Miller™ QuickPick™ Rescue Kit

Rescue Kits deliver peace of mind during unexpected, stressful peer-rescue situations

Honeywell Miller™ Turbo T-BAK™ Personal Fall Limiter

All-in-one, self-retracting lifeline/anchorage connector design reduces equipment required on the job site

Honeywell Miller™ AirCore™ Steel Harnesses

Has high-visibility color for greater safety

Miller™ Relief Step™ Safety Device

Designed to provide a short-term solution for alleviating suspension trauma

Miller™ Retractable Web Lanyard

Lightweight and dependable

Miller™ Titan™ Cross-Arm Strap

Secure anchor point for lanyards

Miller™ MiniLite™ Self-Retracting Fall Limiters

Compact, self-retracting lanyard with a braking system activates quickly to limit a free fall

Miller™ Temporary Anchorage Connectors

A variety of durable temporary connectors

Miller™ BackBiter Tie-Back Lanyards

Features all-in-one lanyard with SofStop Shock Absorber and cross-arm anchorage connector

Miller™ Body Belts

Used for work positioning only or in conjunction with a full-body harness to provide fall protection

Miller™ Revolution™ Construction Harnesses

Features Type 10 webbing, almost twice as strong as standards require to provide the longest service life possible